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December 3, 2012
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Previously, on avatar //shot// I've really got to stop watching that you finally worked up the courage to find and ask the BTT about getting together to work on the end-of-the-year project of yours. Deciding to go to Francis's house to start working, he gave you his address and you scooter-ed over there. Yet to your surprise, there was a... party inside?

Because a fanfiction is never complete without a drunk England.
I mean, what?


'These guys better be high if they think I'm going to party while we have homework to do...' You grumbled to yourself as you stood on the houses front lawn, shuffling your feet uncomfortably. You were still indecisive as to whether you should still go ahead and knock, or just give up and go home now. Heck, you still weren't even sure if this was their house, it could always be the one next door... you turned your head side to side as you studied the other calmer, non-party looking houses, but a quick peak at the open window of his neighbors told you otherwise, there were two tanned boys in the kitchen... making pasta it seems, with the darker haired one seemingly screaming at the other guy about something.

Yeah, definitely not Francis.  Maybe the guys had no intention of working with you, and gave you this address instead?

You most certainly hoped not. It wasn't often that you trusted others, so you hoped that this wouldn't just be another reason to be paranoid of the things people told you.

You eyed the door again and fiddled with your hair, 'I mean... It's just a little end of year project which my whole grade balances on...' you thought to yourself, 'Awh, who am I kidding, if I don't get a decent grade on this, I'm screwed!'

Determined to at least ring the doorbell and decide on what to do later, you rushed up to the porch before your sudden burst of courage disappeared. You're finger froze over the doorbell, 'But what if-,' a negative thought in your head tried to push its way through, but with a 'No!' you quickly rang the doorbell.

The dubstep you could hear playing in the inside of the house didn't falter, but you thought you could hear some footsteps heading towards the door. More nervous than ever, you took calming breaths like you usually do to calm yourself down, and it worked. You didn't end up bolting towards home like you thought you were going to!

Your face might have looked calmer now, but your knuckles that were turning white from clutching your folded-over scooter so tightly betrayed any idea of calmness.

The door suddenly swung open and the flashing lights from the inside blinded you for a second. You couldn't see who was speaking, but you could still hear them over the music.

"Heyyyyy, what brings someone like youuuuu hereeeee, loveeee?" The voice slurred and you could tell that this guy was definitely drunk.

You wiped at your eyes as you started to ask him if Francis lived here, but were cut short at the sight of who exactly you were talking to.

It wasn't the bushy eyebrows or the striking green eyes that surprised you, but what the guy was wearing... I mean, it wasn't every day that you spoke with a shirtless guy who seemed to only be wearing boxers and an apron. 'Er, at least, I hope he's wearing boxers...' you thought to yourself.

You felt yourself blush as you stuttered, "U-Uhm, I mean, I'm... looking... Fra-"

Even though this guy was drunk he still managed to catch onto your blushing, and smirked at you, "What's the matter, love, see something you like?"

His arrogance distracted you enough to get a proper question out of your mouth, though the blushing didn't cease, "Um well, Francis. Yeah, I'm looking for Francis, is he here?"

The expression on this guy's face changed so swiftly into such a displeased expression, you got a bit frightened.

"Ohhh, so you're here for the frog face then? Well what makes you think that he's better than me, I'm much better than him in so many ways he could never amount to me! Why would you be looking for-for that FAT, self-centered, good for nothing croissant, he's never here anyways, and he should be here instead of there, but he's everywhere and not here when he shouldn't be thereeeeee, I mean what is wrong with that frog, GOD I DON'T KNOW!!"

Your face just looked more and more confused the more you listened to this guy, but the way he reacted told you that this probably was Francis's house. Maybe, maybe this was his room- er- house mate he was speaking of earlier?

Interrupting his odd rant you asked, "Um, wait, what-what's your name?"

He snapped out of whatever tangent he was going on and said, "ME? I'M ARTHUR BLOODY KIRKLAND AND I CAN HOLD MY ALCOHOL BETTER THAN A FROG EATING TEA AND SCONES ANYDAYYYYYY" He beat a palm against his chest to emphasize his words, his face flushed from the effects of whatever he had been drinking.

Oh! Arthur sounded like a familiar name, you were pretty sure that Francis had mentioned him as his roommate. Paying no heed to the guy, you scooted around him, making sure to avoid touching him as much as possible, and into the house, "UH, YEAH, NICE TALKING WITH YOU ARTHUR!" You called back to him as you began your search for the trio; you figured that the other must already be here, considering how they were such great friends with one another.

Pushing the depressing thought of your lack of friends, you wandered pointlessly around. There were bodies radiating head as they danced around you, or pushed past you, or, if they were drunk, stumbled past you. Luckily, you didn't find anyone as bad off as that Arthur guy, and you certainly hoped that you wouldn't.

You bumped into yet another person as you gave them an apology, and tried to continue your search for the boys, but your arm was yanked back. You turned as you were semi-circled by the girls you had just bumped into. They seemed to be the 'populars' of the school, which didn't surprise you since this seemed like a pretty "high class" party, for teenagers at least.

The one in the middle scoffed as she pointed at you, "What's a girl like you doing here? There's, like, no way you'd be invited over here for a party like this." She sneered, her posse of girls giggling stupidly along as if a hilarious inside joke was told. And for all you knew, there could have been an inside joke told by her, that only her group would understand.

You shrugged uncaringly, not having the time or care to hear what they thought, "Look, I don't have the time for this," You brushed them away and turned around to continue your pursuit.

You felt someone grab your shoulder this time and turn you around violently. The main girl got up close to your face and leered at you as you felt the other girls circle around, "Look, loser, you don't belong here. I don't know what you think you're doing, but whatever it is, I don't like it. Now you'd better hightail it out of here before I make you." The grip on your shoulder tightened the more she spoke.

You looked back at her blankly, people were starting to piss you off today. "Of course you don't know what I'm doing here, heck, I'd be surprised if you knew what anyone was ever doing." The stunned look on their faces only encouraged you to go on, "And frankly, you don't scare me in the least, wannabe. It's not like I did anything to bother you in the first place anyways." You started to stand as you chuckled and continued to poke fun at her, "And nice use of vocabulary there. 'Loser?' What person uses that one? I haven't heard that since elementary school!" You laughed at the memories of when people used to call you that, it had been such a long time-

Oof, you fell to the ground again when one of the girls kicked you down. "Well then, don't say I didn't warn you, loser; but it looks like we are actually going to have to make you leave." You saw her raise a foot to kick you, and you tried to move out of the way of the soon-to-come blow, but the surrounding girls made it impossible for you to do so. You were stuck. Again.

You closed your eyes tightly as you waited for the inevitable pain to come, when you heard a cry. 'Wait, that's not right,' you thought as you opened your eyes, 'Shouldn't I be the one crying out in agony?'

The sight of a tall guy in an aviator jacket and blond hair, holding on to the hair of the girl that was about to kick you came into view. You were shocked at the sight of someone protecting you, so you didn't move from your spot on the ground.

"That's so not cool dude!" He exclaimed as he let go of her. She stumbled away from him with  a pout.

"But Alfie, she's so lame-" She started to whine as 'Alfie' tutted and shook a finger at her.

"No way! She looks like a totally awesome person, and you're being so uncool." He frowned a bit as his twinkling blue eyes seemed to shoot daggers into the group of girls. "Well, it's been nice knowing you ladies, but I advise you all to leave here." They started to argue as he cut them off, definitely scowling this time, "Now. And don't bother coming back. We don't have time for girls who bully others."

He pointed at the direction of the doorway as he grinned again, "Bye bye!!"

He laughed haughtily as you two watched them leave, though not without shooting glares back at you two, "Our friendship is over!" One of the girls exclaimed, speaking for the rest of them as they all nodded along.

"Perfect!" He said, as he waved once more. The girl blew a puff of hot air as she led the rest of her posse out of the door, hopefully never to be seen today again.

With a loud laugh, the guy extended his hand for you, and you graciously accepted it as he helped you up. "Sorry about that, I didn't know that there were such rude people at my amazing party!!"
"Your party?" You asked, a bit confused. This was Francis/Arthur's place, right?

"Yeah, I totally hosted this thing, because Arthur was so uptight, and he totally needed to relax!" He laughed again, which you decided was normal for this guy, he seemed like the really cheerful type.

"Well, he's definitely relaxed now..." you murmured with a grin as you remembered your short meeting earlier. "Well, anyways, thanks a bunch for the save there..."

"Alfred." He offered, "The name's Alfred."

"Right. Well, the name's ________. Thanks a bunch for helping me out back there, though I'm pretty sure I was doing fine on my own. I could have taken them!" You said with teasing arrogance.

"Haha, no way, they were totally going to beat you up there! Girls can be so vicious sometimes!" He laughed at your playful glare, "And it's nothing really, it's the least a hero like me could do!" After a grin and a short silence he added, "So what brings you here? I mean, anyone's invited, but I doubt that you'd just randomly appear. I haven't really seen you around before."

You sighed as your short time of fun was brought to an end as you remembered what you came here to do, "Oh my god, I was looking for Francis, Gilbert, and Antonio. Have you seen them??"

"Hah! I don't have to have seen them to know where they are, there's only one place those three would be!" He cried out, starting to walk away from you. You followed behind, not wanting to lose him if he knew where they were.

"And where would that be?" You asked.

"The kitchen, of course! Probably at the bar counter drinking and eating cake, I think." He said, as if that was a normal thing.

"Right. Of course." You nodded, "Wait, cake?"

"Yeah, dude, no party's complete without a huge serving of cake!!" He led you to a door and said, "Well this is it!"

You thanked him, "Thanks so much Alfred. And it was nice meeting you!"

He shrugged the formality off and said, "It's just because I'm the hero! I always do things like this! And watch out with those three, they may look like they have their minds intact, but they're a bit more dangerous than Arthur when drunk!"

You had opened the door, but paused at what he just said. More dangerous than Arthur? "Uh, on second thought..."

He slapped your butt as you hesitated, and you squealed in surprise, stumbling into the kitchen. The doors closing behind you as you heard his laugh fade away.

'Well, better now than never,' You said as your eyes searched the room for the trio.
This was the most entertaining part to write yet, mah goodness

Well, here's the next part cx

Actually, this part was going to include the readers whole time at the party, but it turned out to be too long, so i'll have to seperate it into two parts. xD



And thanks for all those wonderful ideas in the comments in part 4 c; I put in as much as I could in this first part of the party as I could c;

And feel free to keep suggest what fun they should have at the party with the reader, and i'll try adding it in if it doesn't effect the plot!!

More chapters can be found here: [link]

Blah blah I dont own hetalia or you blah blah blah
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