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December 2, 2012
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Previously, after having a meet-up with 2P!Alfred, he finds out that you don't have any memories of when he attacked you, you went off to your first period class, history, with the BTT escorting you, then silently vowing to leave you be after that. Not paying attention in class, you finally zapped back into consciousness when the teacher started assigning what the groups for the end of the year history project would be. Unfortunately, to your utter disappointment, it turns out to be three of the people you would have least want to partner up with. The bad touch trio.

A/n:  I didn't mention earlier that the history project is a big 'End of the Year' thing; so the time right now, is just a few weeks before the end of the school year. It'll make the rest of the story makes sense so... XD Gosh, I need to plan out future stories a bit better than what I'm doing right now, so sorry!!


You had a double-take when the teacher informed you that you were partnered up with the three that you had been planning to avoid. You still hadn't processed the fact of who your end-of-the-year project partners were, and it was almost lunch time.

Your eye twitched out of irritation as you turned towards the slowly ticking hands of the clock, that maybe if you glared at it long enough, time would pass more rapidly.

Having managed to avoid the trio for the past classes, you weren't the most excited for lunch.
'I'm going to have to eventually approach them....' you thought to yourself. You were a bit certain that they weren't going to remember the project if you didn't go up to remind them, they seemed like the type to procrastinate a huge project for the day before it's due.

You grumbled to yourself at the thought of having to approach them. Usually, you would have just tried to avoid them if it was a smaller project, since you could still pass the class if you screwed up an assignment or two, but this was the biggest assignment of the year, and if you didn't turn this in, then you weren't likely to acquire a passing grade... and if you didn't pass the class... well, let's just say that your mom doesn't enjoy the idea of you going to summer school.
To your mom, summer is for jobs and bringing home some extra money, not for wasting it in pointless summer classes.


The sound of the bell made your heart stop for a second. You gathered your things and shoved them messily into your backpack as you thought of what you were going to have to do.

Lunch was next, so you were going to have to speak to them. You were the one who was going to have to initiate the conversation. Your hand ran thought your hair tiredly as you huffed tiredly.

Noting that the room was nearly emptied, you scurried off to the lunch room. For once, your eyes weren't lowered to the ground, but instead turned up to the faces of others, darting through them, trying to identify the face of at least one of the three boys.

You were starting to get anxious. It was a while since you had stepped foot in the cafeteria, considering that you never had money to buy lunch, and it wasn't like there were others for you to sit with anyways.

Avoiding people like the plague, you tried to dodge them as everyone scurried about, but it wasn't really working.
"Wow, this place is more crowded that I thought...." You murmured to yourself nervously. All you wanted was to find them and get this over with. Giving one last look about the cafeteria, trying to calm your racing heart, you shrugged and decided to give up.

"Well, I did my best!" You said, trying to convince yourself of your excuse. Laughing nervously as an attempt to calm your nerves, you started fast-walking towards the double doors that led out of the cafeteria and towards the back of the school.

You finally calmed down a bit as you pushed through the doors, "I'm never going in there again." You turned to glare back at the lunch room with a triumphant smile, glad that you were able to get out of there before having some type of panic attack. Your delighted smile slowly pulled down into a frown. You hadn't really searched for the trio long enough, and you had really wanted to find them today to get the project over as soon as possible!

A sudden realization came to mind, as you noted that today was a Friday, which meant that the bar was open longer hours... which meant that your mom was probably not going to get home until later than usual. Just enough for a certain someone to work on a project with three boys...

"Gahhh, now I really have to find them!" You cried out frustratingly. You grumbled to yourself some more as you as you started wandering around out back, kicking at the ground. "Never going to find them at this pace... What's wrong with me I can't even do something as simple as AHHH-!" You screamed out in surprise as you ran into someone (again. What was with you and running into others?).

"Sorry, so sorry, I didn't mean to, I wasn't watching where I was going and..." You trailed off as you looked up into a pair of red eyes. Your breathing calmed and your worried face stretched into a smile.

"Hey amigo," Antonio called out to Gilbert as he ran towards him, "What is it?"  Francis, who had also noticed Gilbert's abrupt stop, ran with Antonio towards the guy.

Gilbert was blocking you from their view, so he turned to stand next to you as he put a hand your shoulder, laughing, "Kesesese, I've found her guys! I told you my awesome self could find anyone!"

You looked up to Gilbert as Antonio and Francis reached you guys, "I was looking for you all!" You said excitingly. Ignoring their confused glances at one another you continued, "The project, we're all partners, and I was wondering if we could finish it sooner than later. I'm not a big fan of procrastination (Yes, maybe you were lying, but it wasn't like they needed to know that) so I was wondering if we could start working on it today after school?" You brought your hands together in a pleading way.

"Awhh, of course we can do zhat, ma chérie!" Francis said, seeing how you had a puppy face on now. There was only a week until the project was due, and it was due on the next Friday you'd have available to get together again... So today was your last chance.

"Yes, thank you!" You breathed out a sigh of relief. 'Well, that wasn't too bad, glad that that's over.' You turned to start walking away, "Kay, thanks guys, see you later-"

You felt someone grab your arm as you turned around to face Antonio, "Wait a second chica, we don't know who we're meeting at."

"Or at what time." Gilbert piped in.

You mentally face palmed at your mistake, "U-Uhm, of course, sorry. So..." You squirmed where you were standing, still bothered by your mistake as you waited for them to decide.

The trios were quiet for a second as they thought, "How about we meet at my house?" Francis offered, "I think my roommate said something about hanging out with Alfred today."

Your mind had stopped a bit at the mentioning of having a roommate. That would most certainly be nice for you to have, to be able to move out... unfortunately, your mom insists on you staying home with her, but the moment you turned eighteen, there was nothing to stop you from moving out.

"Wait, Alfred? As in, Alfred with sunglasses and bat Alfred?" You asked, as you remembered 'making friends' with the guy outside of school earlier.

The three guys looked at you as if you had a third head, "Who?"

"You know... red eyes, has this one jacket, wears sunglasses..." You didn't really know how else to explain the guy, you had met him only once really, so you were proud that you were able to even remember his name.

Prussia's eyes widened a bit in shock, "You mean Al?" You watched as the other two caught on to who you were trying to describe, "No no no, not that guy at all. Alfred and Al are complete opposites, actually."

Antonio laughed, "Don't you worry, and that's not the guy at all."

You weren't sure why you would be worried anyways, but you paid that no mind as you nodded, "Oh sorry, my bad."
'Not another mistake!' you thought to yourself, at this rate, maybe speaking only if you had to would be best.

After a moment of awkward silence, Francis asked, "Well, do you need a ride or something __________? You don't know where I live, and I have a car I can use..."

You quickly shook your head in the universal indication of 'no'. (Or in your case, 'Aw hell no!') There was no way you were going to bring anywhere near your apartment. "No no, I-I'm alright, just give me your address or something, and I'll find my way!"

"Seriously, it's okay!" You said as they tried to protest. The look that Francis was giving you was starting to freak you out a bit. It wasn't normal for the guy to look so... calculating. It was like he was analyzing you right now.

The first bell rang, indicating that lunch was over, and that everyone should start getting to class. He sighed as he seemed to get nowhere and pulled a pen and sticky note out of his backpack.

"Whoa!" Prussia yelped as Francis bent him over to use his back to write on, "Calm down there Francis."
Antonio chuckled at the two.

'Oh, how great it must be to have friends like that...' you smiled lightly as Francis handed over the piece of paper.
"How does seven o'clock sound?" Francis asked. Antonio and Gilbert nodded their heads.

"Ja, that works for me," Gilbert noted.

"Me too!" Antonio agreed.

Seven seemed a bit late for you, but the other guys seemed fine with it, so you nodded slowly, "Sure, that's alright I guess. I'll be there."

And with that, you all went your separate ways, heading for your classes.

And later, after school....

It was currently 6:50 as you kicked at the ground, willing your scooter to move forward faster. 'I'm going to be late!' you said, worried that you'd make a fool of yourself again.

The moment your mom had left the house, saying that she would be extra late today, you had pulled on a pair of jeans, t-shirt, and a slightly large jacket, grabbed your scooter and the address, and ran out the door.

But now, you only had ten minutes to find Francis's house. 'Darn, why did my mom have to take so long!'

'And then I turn here...' You thought to yourself as you turned the corner. Lines of large houses suddenly lined both sides of the street, and you couldn't help but look in awe at them all. What would it be like to actually live in something like that?

It was getting darker outside and your legs were getting tired. You really needed to take a break, you had been pushing yourself to your limits on this scooter for the past few minutes, and it was taking its toll on you now. It didn't matter now anyways, you were going to be late whether you went fast or not.

Looking down at the address again, you noticed that their house should just be around the corner. Slowing down on the scooter, you hopped off and started walking, calming your breath down by slowing inhaling and exhaling so that you wouldn't be huffing and puffing when you rang the doorbell.

You turned around the corner and counted the numbers on the houses, finally reaching the correct one.

'Wait... this can't be right...' you mumbled. You looked at the address and back to the house number, 'No way. No way this could be the one...'

But as much as you wanted to deny it, this was still the house number, and you doubted Francis would give you the wrong house number.

But if this was the correct place, then why was there a party going on inside?
Edit: Um. I don't know what this is doing on the front page (for the 8hr, & the second page of the 24hr popular slots), but I do really appreciate and thank each and every person who takes the time to read this!!




Give ideas in the next part now, if you wish c;

Soooo sorry for such a late update. xP

In return, I'll update it again later today!!~
So yay, double update time!

Edit: Actually, I might just update this tomorrow, so as to give people more time to put in ideas if they wish XD I'll try having everything people suggest to me if it fits with the plot and I can fit it in!!!

It's up now :iconfranceheplz:

And yay for cliffhangers!!


More chapters can be found here: [link]

Blah blah I dont own hetalia or you blah blah blah
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