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Previously, you tell Kiku about your past, and how your father died while saving some kids from a freezing lake, leaving you and your mom very shaken and very much not over it, even year later.
But now it’s time for the trio to give you a ride home.

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You felt like a load had been lifted off your shoulder, which surprised you in a way that you hadn’t expected. The times you had recited this story to others, like friends or ‘worried’ adults, you had felt even more anxious, even more concerned about what they were going to think. But right now... right now you felt like your emotions were lighter than ever. It was difficult to explain.

You shakily approached the trio, who were sitting cross-legged near the door having a silent conversation with one another as they waited for you.

“There she is!”
“What took you so long?”
“That wasn’t a moment at all!”

They chattered lively at your return as they stood up, and you apologized for taking too long, “I got distracted a bit, sorry guys.” Shuffling from foot to foot, and motioning at the door, “I guess I’ll be on my way now.”

Your hand was slapped playfully away as it reached to the doorknob though, and you watched Francis lean on it as the other two slid next to him. ‘An effective way of completely blocking off the exit,’ you thought sarcastically. “Guys... um, I said I had to go already.”

“But you’re going to need a ride home, no?” Antonio said with a smirk.

“Yeah, I didn’t see any cars parked out there that could be yours,” Gilbert chimed in.

“And I see you don’t have your scooter either,” teased Francis. The guys were clearly entertained as you silently tried to think up an excuse to get them to move out of your way.

“Why does it matter, if I found my way here, I’ll find my way back!” you then added playfully, “Besides, there’s no need for you guys to bother with me, please, just stay here and enjoy yourselves! Play a game! Relax, schools almost over and we’re done with the project.”

They didn’t find you as amusing though, and Gilbert’s eyebrows creased suddenly, “Wait a second. How did you find your way here in the first place? I didn’t give you my address either, I think, so I don’t see how...”

The other two realized this and started nodding at the question. The Beilschmidt’s house was hard enough finding when you knew the address, nevertheless trying to find it on your own.

You frowned when you remembered what happened, “Which reminds me, you three left me completely stranded on my own there! I was going crazy trying to find you guys, it’s like you guys were teleported the moment the bell rang!”

Gilbert slightly winced at your small outburst, which he thought you had complete right to. All three of them had completely forgotten about the project, and wouldn’t have remembered at all had Ludwig not given his brother a call. Their minds had been concentrated on relaxing and getting ready for summer and college, which they had somewhat big plans for the both.

“But that still doesn’t explain how you got here,” questioned Francis, who was not understanding how you managed to find the house in the first place.

“And you even arrived before us!” added Antonio. How you had been able to beat them to the house was beyond him.

‘What is this, some sort of interrogational day?’ it felt like people were getting a little too comfortable with you today, what with all the questions they aimed at you, it was almost making you anxious, like there was a sense of inevitable foreboding.

Shifting from foot to foot you said, “I got a ride, from a student who knew where you lived.”

They gave you odd gazes and you started feeling antsy to leave, even though you weren’t sure how you’d find your way home.

‘I’ll manage,’ you told yourself with renewed confidence, ‘it’s still pretty early so I’d have enough time to find home before dark! Maybe.’

Gilbert raised an eyebrow and asked, “Oh really, what student?”

An amused chuckle filled the room, “Ohoho, seems like you have a stalker or two Gilbert.

“You say that as if you’re surprised, Francis!” Antonio said, his eyes smiling.

“Al,” you interrupted. If you were going to get home you had to get on your way now.

Their playful banter brought to a complete halt; they looked at one another warily in silence before turning to you.

Chuckling nervously Francis asked the question on all three of the boy’s minds, “You mean Alfred, non? The one who was at the party?” The other two nodded along hopefully, trying to convince themselves that it wasn’t who they thought you were addressing.

You pulled a face and shook your head slowly at their reaction, “No, not at all. I meant Al. Well, I mean, his name is Alfred but he insists on being called Al.” Remembering the kind person who helped you out at the party you added, “Yeah, definitely not the one at the party.”

You mixed the three’s concerned gaze for one of confusion, “You know, Al is a darker cherry brown color? Wears sunglasses a lot lately? He-“

“Yes, yes we know about him, chica,” added Antonio, the three of them in deep thought of how you managed to meet the guy in the first place. You weren’t the outgoing type, so it surprised them that you had gotten a ride specifically from him. He didn’t seem the type to give rides out willingly either, and they started to wonder how you had somehow... befriend the guy.

“That’s creepy,” Gilbert suddenly muttered and everyone looked over to him inquiringly, “I mean, that he knows where I live. He’s in the same neighborhood, so I guess that explains it.”

He shrugged indifferently, “Still, I don’t go around memorizing people’s houses, but maybe that’s just me.”

“Why did he offer a ride in the first place? And why did you get in the car? He’s not the type to get mixed with _______,” Francis had finally processed what you had said and had recovered from his slight shock. Clasping a hand on your shoulder he quickly said, “Believe me, he’s bad news! I’m surprised you don’t know about it because it’s all over the school how have you not heard about all of the rumors!”

He stopped his blathering as he awkwardly realized that the reason you hadn’t heard about it was, well, that no one really spoke with you, for reasons unknown to him.

He pulled back and you replied with, “Hey, don’t be rude! Rumors aren’t always true, and I know that from firsthand experience,” feeling a bit angered that they had gone to make assumptions about someone they barely knew, you defended him, “He’s my friend, my only friend; and that is something I haven’t had in a long while. So don’t just make things up about him as if you knew him, because he is nothing that you are telling me about. Do not make stories up if you hardly even know the guy.”

You noticed that your hands had clenched and you relaxed them.

“Your only friend?” Antonio asked after a small bout of silence.

Eyes widening somewhat as you realized that you had let that out a bit involuntarily in your small rant. Did you really believe that? Was he honestly your only friend? He had said so, so that’s what you had assumed, but if he was a friend, then what were these three? The three standing before you had spent much more time with you than Al had, and you felt as comfortable around them as you were around him, if not a bit more. But what drew the line between friends and just people you had to get together with for school purposes.

Still, you knew what you said had been rude. It wasn’t like you had meant for that to slip out, you barely knew if it was true yourself. And with what had happened in the past, you knew better than to just assume that everyone you talked with a couple of times were friends. You had decided that others weren’t friends with you until they proved it one way or another; by either telling you out straight like Al had, or by proving it in more subtle ways.

The subtle ways were harder to pick up on though, and you weren’t sure if the trio had been leaving you hints or not. Social things weren’t your forte, especially not as much as it was for the bad touch trio.

After a bit of stuttering, you were able to say, “Well, at least that’s what I think... I-uh, don’t really make friends often lately so I’m not sure anymore and...” you drifted off in thought.

Everything seemed to click for them then, that it wasn’t that you didn’t like them; you just weren’t sure what your relationship with them was.

“We’re obviously friends, frau,” Gilbert scoffed suddenly, “Don’t be silly, it’s just absurd that I’d let you into my own room without being one.”

Your eyes shot up to meet his, and you smiled widely at his words; it honestly made you happy to hear this, that you weren’t a bother or just an acquaintance to these three, that you were actually </i> friends</i>. It was one of the best feelings in the world to make new friends, to have people to rely on, and life was being pretty vicious at shoving those facts in your face today.

Three smiles met yours. They knew that it took a lot of trust to do something like this, which was probably why most don’t outright ask to be friends like they used to in the elementary school days. Friends were made by silent promises now, ones that could easily broken with the thought in mind that it was never  made it official so it was somehow alright.

But now that it was done and said, the silent pact was now a signed treaty. It made you happy to hear the thoughts put into words, because it made it official. You were friends with the three, and it sent a happy pang through you heart, something that hadn’t occurred when Kiku had offered you his trust.  

This was... somehow different.

Francis suddenly glided towards you to pick you up into a warm hug, twirling you around a bit in the narrow hallway. He was met with everyones questioning gaze when he set you down though, and with arms still around you said, “What?”

“What do you think you’re doing now you sneaky little-“ asked Gilbert as he started towards you two.

Francis started to back away a bit as Antonio joined Gilbert in their stalk towards you both, “Well I do this with all my friends, non?”

They gave him dry expressions and Antonio playfully pouted, “A-Am I not a friend, Francis?” He closed his eyes and dramatically batted them at Francis, “I thought we had something between us, amigo...”

“Oh, is this your way of using subtle hints to admit your undying love to yours truly?” Francis countered back, his hold relaxing as he concentrated more on the banter, taking a hand to be theatrically placed at his chest.

You giggled at their silliness, but almost broke out in a fit of laughter when you saw Gilbert craftily making his way towards you. Slipping out from under Francis’s arm, you went over to give Gilbert a hug and pulled Antonio in as well, effectively cutting him off from whatever reply he was about to shoot back to his friend.

“Thanks guys,” was all you murmured, but it certainly held more meaning than what would be thought possible for two little words.

Francis gave a dramatic cry, “So you’d rather hug them, I knew it!” You were going protest that he had already hugged you when he came forth from the last side of the group hug to join in, “Too bad you have no choice!” He added, a bit darkly.

“Will you guys leave already, gotverdammt!?” Ludwig’s voice had echoed from whatever room they were in, and you all had realized that quite a few minutes had been wasted just waiting at the door.

They all pulled away at the sudden shout and Antonio went to open the door. You looked puzzled as he and Francis started to leave and Gilbert explained, “We’re taking you home ___________, don’t be ridiculous. If Al brought you here then you certainly aren’t going to be able to find your way home.”

And without another word, you were pushed out the door in front of him, as he stuck his head back inside to teasingly yell to his brother, “Sorry for interrupting whatever you and Feli were doing!”

He chuckled and slammed the door shut, running down the porch and pulling you quickly along to his car, with good reason considering how loud Ludwig’s furious shouts were now.


After a drive full of many turns and constant directions given, you had finally managed to steer Gilbert to your house; and now everyone was currently standing outside of your apartment door waiting impatiently for you to open it. You were certainly hoping that they wouldn’t ask to come inside or something as ridiculous as that, even if you knew that your mom wasn’t going to be home until late and the sun was barely setting over the horizon.

Opening the door and slipping through the door, you shut it enough to barely show your face. Smiling awkwardly you said, “Uh, thanks for driving me home Gilbert. And it was nice working with you Francis, Antonio.”

They stared at you with faces that clearly were pleading for you to let them inside, and it was when you quickly shut the door that they had started to protest.

“Oh don’t be a party pooper, let us in!”
“We let you into our homes so let us see yours!”
“It’s okay if it’s small and not as big as mein awesome house; I think small things are cute.”
“Shut up Francis.”

They had grown silent and you assumed they had left. You sighed and leaned back on the door, more exhausted than ever. It had been pretty hectic today, at least for you, since you hadn’t had that much to do ever since...

‘It was pretty rude of me to have left them like that,’ you distracted yourself to the consequence at hand, ‘I guess I could have at least let them in for a drink, they had invited me to their own homes so...’

Hand wavering on the doorknob, your mind switched back and forth on which decision to take. For all you knew, they had already left; and it wasn’t helping that you were taking a while to decide.

‘They had said that we were friends now,’ with sudden renewed confidence you latched onto the knob and started to open the door, ‘And friends don’t just leave other friends alone.’

You weren’t sure whether you were surprised or not that they were still standing there, and decided that you were slightly creeped. From the past few days you had known them, you could tell that they were the outgoing, self-dependent type, but even you hadn’t expected this.

“What are you guys doing?” You asked blandly as you held the door with one hand, ready to close it in case your confidence faltered.

“Waiting for you to invite us in,” Antonio replied matter-of-factly.

You had to admire their spunk; else you get angry at how haughty they were acting. Just waiting there knowing that you would eventually let them in. The thought that they seemed to know you more than you knew them was a new feeling. Why else would they have known to just wait for a while, that you seemed to have difficulties with making up your mind; especially when it came to choices that had to do with others?

But they immediately reacted when you raised your eyebrow in an ‘are you kidding me?’ way.

Antonio dropped to his knees and started to plead you to at least let him in, “Please _________, I promise I won’t eat all your food or something, like if you let Gilbert in!”

Gilbert scowled at Antonio and stood closer to you than he, not on his knees, but arms still brought together in a pleading motion, “I won’t eat anything, and I won’t mess anything up either! I’ll even stand if you don’t want me to ruin your couch! Or floor!” He laughed his conceited laugh and added, “Hah, my deal is so much more awesome than yours Antonio; I can almost see the awesome gleam in her awesome eyes that are screaming about how much she wants to invite only me in!”

“Oh please Gilbert, don’t be vain. She doesn’t want to have to hear you going on about something dull, just look at her!” He waved over to you and approached you, standing closer to the door than Gilbert was now, “She’s so exhausted I think she’s going to have nightmares of your voice.” He wiggled his fingers in the air, mocking his friend’s voice by whispering, “Awesome hair awesome chair awesome wow is zhat really a ceiling?”

They continued bickering and you rolled your eyes at them. Was this some type of habit among them, to squabble among one another?


Being around them for only a few days, you had already lost track of the times they got into these little quarrels.

“Hey, um, guys? You can come in for a while; my mom’s  not supposed to be home in a while, so you can stay,” they stopped fighting and smirked triumphantly at one another, but as they approached the door you quickly stopped them by holding up your hands, “But only for a quick drink. My, erm, parents aren’t very fond of me having other people over.”

“Even if they’re just some friends?” asked Antonio innocently, as you stepped aside to let them file in.

“Especially if they’re boys,” You pointed out, knowing that your mom had made clear to not let anyone into the house in case she came home in one of her drunken spells.

“Just a little overprotective, non?” inquired Francis.

“To say the least,” you murmured. When you had locked the door behind you, you moved past them towards the conjoined kitchen and living room area, “This way.”


After you had gotten them something to drink, which to their disappointment wasn’t some sort of energy drink or caffeine, you all had sat down to lounge about the living room.

Taking a final sip of the juice box, Gilbert decided to start a conversation to break through the silence, and it seemed to him like the easiest thing to talk about with a fellow student was, well, school.

“So, what’s your plan after you graduate this year?” He asked, his question obviously directed at you. He and his friends had already discussed what their plans were to be; they were more than excited for the end of high school, so they were very much listening to what you had to say, and very eager to participate in this topic.

As for you, you hadn’t given it much thought. You didn’t have the grades to get scholarships for college and it wasn’t something your mother could help you pay for either; but that didn’t bother you. Telling them that, you further explained, “I’ll definitely be moving out though, and I’ll just work at a café or something similar for the time being to get enough to pay for rent.” You waved a hand that motioned to the house, “We’re obviously not the richest so my parents won’t be able to help out, but I should be able to manage getting a small place for myself until I get a better occupation.”

Shyly, since you weren’t used to telling others about your dreams and goals, you added, “I’d like to be an artist, or maybe a writer or photographer. It’s well-known that it’s hard to get work in those things, though, so it’s unlikely - but I’d still like to try!”

They nodded feverishly at your enthusiasm, glad to see that even if it was a tough goal, that you weren’t giving up.

You shot them the question back, and you were glad to see that they were giving you their full attention to what you had to say, “What about you three? Any big plans for the future?”

They all nodded at once and started to excitedly tell of their plans at the same time, but realizing that you didn’t pick up a word of what they said, they took turns explaining.

“Well we are, actually, going to college.”

“Not that your choice isn’t good too! Because it works for you, it’s just we have been working hard enough in class to get into college-“

“See, we want to get into business and make some big company with one another!” Antonio enthusiastically threw up his arms in the air.

You smiled, honestly happy for them, “That sounds great! I wish you guys luck with that, it isn’t going to be easy – then again my idea isn’t either so who am I to talk.”

“But that’s not even the best part!”

“Yeah, until then, we’re going to move out and rent an apartment together!”

They exchanged excited high-fives, and their enthusiasm made a lot more sense now. But you weren’t sure about what that meant for whatever college they were going to go to, since they were more than likely to wreak havoc on whatever dorms they stayed at. You mentally sent your prayers to wherever they would stay at.

Time skip

After a while of chattering about futures and other random topics, as well as a few emptied out juice bottles expertly hidden in the trash so your mom wouldn’t question you sudden appetite for juice, you had decided that it was probably time for them to leave. Even if your mother wasn’t expected for another hour or two, it was better safe than sorry in your opinion; at least in this case.

Clapping your hands together as they got ready to leave at the door, you said, “Thanks for coming over guys. And for the ride home. And for actually being able to complete the project on time.”

‘Because honestly I was starting to question whether we’d be able to complete it on time or not...’ you thought to yourself.

They shrugged you off, insisting that it was no problem.

Finished putting on your shoes, they stood up and faced you for one final goodbye-

Francis pulled you into a friendly hug, and then you were hugged by Antonio, and last of all Gilbert.

A loud clang suddenly indicated through the silent hallway, making you all startle. Hoping that what you thought it was was just a lie, you hesitantly looked up to the source of the noise...

Only to be met with the surprised gaze of your mother, who had managed to open the door without any of you noticing, standing at the door with some dropped cans of groceries on the floor and a shocked expression on her face.


And as for the many guesses that everyone has been making about who the kids your dad saved were...

Who knows, it could have been the infamous bad touch trio themselves, or the 2P! trio c; I did say that they were going to be in the story more so..., or the axis as well, and for some reason or another Japan had forgotten about it and won't remember until later in some intense flashback thing.

Or maybe who they are isn't really important and it's just the baltic trio. Who knows? Well, only me of course.


*laughs maniacally as I make you go insane with all the possiblities*

Feel free to suggest things that you'd like to see in the story, and I'll see if I can add them if it doesn't affect the plot.

More chapters can be found here: [link]

Blah blah I dont own hetalia or you blah blah blah but i could own you if you sold your soul to me so what are you waiting for!
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