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September 29, 2012
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OH WOW. OKAY, SO, IF YOU COME TO READ THIS, I PROMISE YOU THAT I IMPROVE ON WRITING CHAPTERS LATER ON IN THE STORY. I promise you. So if this idea is interesting to you but the writing is lack, please do carry on reading, because I assure you that chapters get ten times longer and are better written.
c; And do feel free to leave comments on whatever part you're on, I still reply to them!

Today was going to be another great day of school, you just knew it!

You shoved another spoonful of cereal into your mouth, the thought of seeing all of your friends at school again made your heart leap with excitement. Squirming around in your seat, lost in thoughts about having another day at school, you were slightly startled when you felt hands close over eyes.

"Guess whoooo?" A voice called out cheerfully.

You giggled, still a bit shaken from being starled, "Mom, let go silly, I'm trying to eat my breakfast."

She squealed childlishly as she pulled her hands away, "Awh, how did you know, ________? It's not like we're the only ones living here..."

You laughed at your mothers sarcasm as you set your bowl in the sink, finished with breakfast.

"Haha, how funny." You said, grabbing your backpack as you walked towards the door.

"Take care darling!" You heard your mother cry out as you left. You smiled at the kindness of your mom.

Life was great here.

-Time skip (Can you believe I almost typed Bus Skip??)-

You made it a bit early to class, so you were sitting at your desk waiting for the teacher to come in.

"Bonjour ________!" You turned around in your seat to suddenly see Francis walking towards you, Antonio and Gilbert not far behind.

"Hey guys, long time no see!" You grined as you stood up to greet them each with a hug.

"It's only been a weekend, frau." The Prussian smirked at you as you shrugged.

"Two days, a year, it's all the same to me."

You all would have talked some more with one another, if the teacher hadn't walked in at that time, the bell ringing a few seconds later, indicating that class was to start.

"Take a seat everyone." The teacher called out as everyone scurried to take an empty seat.
You sat at the back of the room. You never really paid any attention in class, spending the time daydreaming instead.

"________.... __________?" You jumped when your teacher said your name, your look up to see the teacher glaring at you. How long had you been daydreaming exactly?

"Have you been paying attention at all? Are you listening to me?" You teacher loudly asked you.
You just stared back blankly.

"Earth to ________, earth to _________."

The voice slowly changed from the teachers to your mothers. What the heck?
You felt like the room was twisting and turning, the light was dimming and the faces around you disappearing.

Suddenly you felt a sharp pain on your cheek; someone had slapped you. It took a few blinks for you notice that you were actually still at home. That all of that stuff about having friends, being happy, and having a pleasant family was just all part of your imagination.

"WHAT THE HELL ________? ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME!?" Your mother screamed into your face, spit flying everywhere as her face turned red from rage.

"U-Uh... well..." You stuttered, you actually hadn't been paying attention to her, you had been off in your own little daydream world where everything was perfect. "Of course I heard you," Your voice barely audible.

"DON'T LIE TO ME!" She continued to scream, "I'm doing this all for your own good! Pay attention for once! I swear, you're just going to end up living on the streets!" She screamed at you, pouring the everyday hurtful words she said to you.

"You disgust me! Want to know why you have no friends? Want to know why you'll never have anybody? It's just because you are you, __________! You'll never amount to anything!" She waved a report card in front of your face, and you remembered the reason she had started lecturing you in the first place.

You had forgotten to study for a quiz in history class the other day, and had gotten a D on it. It didn't do anything to your grade though. You had straight A's all around, a measly quiz score shouldn't matter. But not to your mom. Everything mattered to her.

You interrupted her string of insults, noticing that you hadn't been paying attention again, "Mom, it's just a quiz. It doesn't matter."

"Doesn't matter? Doesn't matter!!?" She paused for a moment of thought, before dragging you to your room, "I know the reason you've been failing in class, bitch." She went up to your dresser and snatched your iPod, "It's because of this. All you do is listen to music!"

You're eyes went wide as you watched her throw it onto the ground and stomp on it, deeming it unusable.

"Well, here's to your music. It's better to work on homework than to listen to this crap!" She stomped out of the room, leaving you standing there in shock.

You fell to the floor as you picked up the remains of your iPod. Music was your lifeline; it was what you went to when you needed to relax. You saw tears fall to the floor as you stared at the broken glass of your iPod screen.

Music was all you had, and now, it was gone.

Now, you had nothing.

-Next day-

The morning passed by in a blur. You had put a (f/c) hoodie on, and had managed to get out of the house before your mom woke up. You didn't eat breakfast, like always.

-Later on-

Leaving class for lunch, you watched as people laughed and socialized, giggled and told jokes to one another. But not you. You didn't bother anyone, and no one bothered you. People knew you as the one who didn't talk, there were even rumors going around that you were mute, but you didn't care; they could say whatever they wanted, you had given up talking a while ago.

Speaking only brought up more trouble anyways.

The halls were empty at this time, since everyone was either in the lunchroom or outside enjoying the fresh air. You were just going to go sit at your normal spot, when you heard some voices in another hallway.

"The hell do you think you are, punk?"
"Just give us your money and we'll leave you alone, da?"

You turned the corner and almost ran into the bullies. You noticed that a group of what seemed like the '2P' bunch had cornered a boy known as Sealand.

"I-I only have enough for today's food though!" The little boy stammered.

One of the boys waved a bat in front of the boy, standing in front of him with an air of confidence, "Doesn't sound like enough for me." He said, raising the bat in a way that seemed like he was going to hit the kid.

You weren't one for jumping in and saving others, but you couldn't just sit and watch these guys kill the child.

"Just what do you think you're doing?" You yelled loudly, making the 2P's jump, as well as almost scaring yourself. You weren't used to speaking so loudly.

"How are you even allowed to carry that thing to school?" You motioned to the students bat.

"U-Uhh...." He faltered just enough for Sealand to make a break down the hallway.

The 2P's turned back to you, glaring. "Wrong move, bitch. You just scared our source of money away." Dark aura's surrounded the gang as the one holding a hockey stick pinned you back against a locker. "Seems like you'll have to be punished."

Your eyes widened and you struggled to get away, but his hold was too strong. "What's wrong? Nothing to say now?" The one with the bat came closer, swinging a fist to your face, and another to your gut.

You felt the air being knocked out of you as you doubled over, clutching at your stomach. You could already feel your eye starting to swell from where he had punched you.

You got up and started to run away, until the guy holding a pipe grabbed your hoodie and dragged you back to the center of the 2P's. They all had you surrounded in a circle now. There was no escape.

"Now let me show you what we do with little girls who stick their noses in where they don't belong." He raised his bat as they all proceeded to beat at you.

-A few minutes later-

"I think you've got the message now."
You were barely able to stand right now, as you lie in a small pool of your own blood.

One of them, you couldn't tell who, picked you up and shoved you into a small space.

"W-What are you..." You stuttered as everything went dark, as they closed whatever you were confined in.

"No need to let evidence lying around. Don't worry, honey, someone's bound to let you out of that locker sooner or later. Right?"

You started sobbing as you heard their footsteps walking away.

Why couldn't you just have that normal happy life you always dreamed of?
Edit2: It seems like the original writer has deleted it or something, so it's a good thing I had part 1 posted on my fanfiction account XD You can all find it here: [link]
But be sure to come back and finish reading on dA so you can comment/fave please!!

Edit: I'm going to be continuing this story, since the original writer disactivated their account. Ant it would be such a pity for this story to go to waste c;



This took me an hour or so to write.
My first hetalia reader fanfic
I hate it

Small warning for a teensy bit of swearing.

& this was a prologue for this awesome fiction: [link]

As well as being my contest entry for :iconcountryxreader: mini-contest.

It is 1495 words long! ^^;

Hope you all enjoyed this!!

I'm off to read the other entries, and I'd love it if you other judges liked mine enough to vote for it!!

And when I had my sister read this, she said that I was writing the part with the mom a little too realisticly. Except that our mom is nicer.
& I was like, "No. Not really."
& she's like, "Ahmgee, be nice."


Previously: None
Next:[link] (( Here lemme explain, this is a link to where this is posted on, and the next part wasn't written by me, it was written by another author on dA, but they deleted their account so it's a good thing I had it pasted on So click on this link & Go to ch.2, then continue reading there or come back here so you can comment stuff. I live off of comments k.))
Next part after that: [link]
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