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February 2, 2013
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Previously, while waiting for the BTT, the 2P Trio stumbled upon you and Al offered to drive you over to Prussia’s house to complete the project. He took you there, but Gilbert wasn’t there so you had to awkwardly chill with the axis peeps. Woohoo.


Gilbert chuckled as he watched Antonio scramble around his house; there was always something satisfying about watching his friends panic.

“Please hurry up; she’s already at Gilbert’s house!” Francis huffed exasperatedly. He and Gilbert were standing at the door, with Gilbert’s hands in his pockets and Francis’s arms folded over his chest, tapping a foot impatiently as they waited for their friend.

“Don’t worry Francis! Mein bruder and his friends are there for her,” He said in a teasing tone, knowing that it would fluster him some more.

And it did, Francis started pacing back and forth and opened his mouth to continue his rant after a few steps, “Who knows what they’ll do to her they’re so crazy, really-“

But he didn’t finish the sentence since Antonio sprinted down the stairs and the clambering of his footsteps drowned out Francis's rant. “It’s okay! It’s okay! I’m all ready to go now, let’s go!” He didn’t wait for a reply and quickly opened the door. He held the door, bouncing from one leg to the other anxiously as his friends shuffled out the door.


After the call with Gilbert, Kiku had invited you to join them in the living room. He had lectured his friends that it was impolite to leave a guest alone and had insisted that they accompany you until the trio arrived.

So with that, you were all currently resting in the large room, the three of them resting on the plush couch as you sat on the armchair. Feeling a bit awkward as you sat there, you weren’t sure where to look so your eyes wandered about until they rest on the window. The shades were pulled back so the sun filled the room with natural light.

It was a very nice day, the weather was great and the chattering of the three was somehow calming to listen to, even though you had zoned out from the conversation. Figuring that you weren’t being very polite, as they had decided to stay with you instead of leaving you alone to do whatever they were here to do, you turned to look over at them and join whatever conversation they were having.

“Yeah! I can’t wait for school to end, because then that means there’s summer and where there’s summer, there’s swimming! I love it when we visit the beach!” His eyes shimmered with excitement as the couch creaked a bit with his bouncing around.

Ludwig placed a hand on his shoulder to calm him down as Kiku said, “Ah, I don’t know Feli, I don’t really enjoy the beach all that much...” Feli’s excitement dulled though so he quickly added, “Not that I don’t like being with you! It’s just I feel so exposed when we go swimming, especially at the private beaches, I'm not forgetting about that one time Feli... but the lakes are fine! Hai, I like boating on the lake very much,” he looked at you when he spoke now, “You know, the lake farther north. It’s next to a road, but it isn’t traveled as much so few people know about it.”

They didn’t seem to notice you freeze when you realized what they were talking about, and you just slowly nodded. It was hard to reply when too many thoughts were running through your mind.

“It was all
your fault; this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t because of you”
A slap to the cheek.
“...would have made it home fine...”
A discouraging glance.
“...He saved them, but at a high price..”
A pitying look.
“He was a really fine man...”
A wavering smile.
“No, you’re
not going to see him again...”
A blank face.
“ was my fault, wasn’t it...”
A lone tear.
“So selfish...”
A kick to the stomach.

It wasn’t until you hadn’t yet replied that a bit of worry tinged Kiku’s voice, “_______... are you okay?”

You were pulled out of the flashbacks and words as your head snapped to Kiku’s, feeling a bit out of it, “Yeah, yeah. I’m fine. I just... I’m not a fan of swimming, or lakes especially...” Your voice slowly lowered to a bit more than a whisper and you stared down at your shoes, not wanting to see the confusion or concern or whatever other expression they would have on their faces.

Ludwig opened his mouth to say something as they heard the door slam open and a loud voice shout out, “I’M HOMEEEE!” There was barely enough time for any of you to react; only enough time for Ludwig to slap his face and mutter something about his brother’s manners, as the trio fell through the entry of the living room.

You stood up to greet them but your eyes grew wide as Francis quickly waltzed over to you and held your head closely, “Oh my poor cherie! Did they torture you with their silly... uh.. I don’t know whatever they would torture you with!” He dramatically flipped his hair and glared at the three.

You heard Feli squeak and you guessed he hid behind Ludwig, since you heard the shuffling of feet and protests from Ludwig at Feli's wimpy behaviour, and you could almost feel Kiku stare confusingly at Francis. But you weren’t really sure about all of this, considering that they guy was hugging your face and you couldn’t see anything.

“Oh please, Francis, the only one doing anything to her is you, obviously.” You felt his arms loosen from around you as two hands pulled you away, Antonio unnecessarily dusted your shoulders off, and he was slightly bent to look at you eye to eye, “See, you’re alright huh chica?” He stood straight one more and playfully patted your hair when you didn’t reply, and ignored your dazed look; you weren’t really processing what was happening. It was all just so sudden and happening so fast, it was a real change to what was going on with the previous conversation about summer and lakes and swimming.

These three really knew how to change the mood of a room.

Japan cleared his voice and when everyone turned to him stated, “Well... I sense that it’s time for us to leave now,” He bowed lightly towards you, and apprehensively stated, “Hope to speak to you again, ________.”

With that, Ludwig and Feli took it as their cue to leave the living room and they made their way out. Kiku gave you another look, one of unease, and followed after them.

“Well. That was interesting.” Gilbert stated. The room had grown quiet with their leave.
He clapped his hands and said, “Let’s start this thing then, right? All the material’s in my room, so...”

He headed towards the stairs, clearly expecting you guys to follow him. You weren’t sure what to think at this point, but you knew one thing for sure.

‘I’m so glad that we’re finally going to get this thing over with...’

A few hours later

You guys had worked on the project without much fault, or at least less than what you had expected from some of the most outgoing jokers in the school. Yeah, they had gotten off track and distracted sometimes, and you had somehow got caught in a sudden glitter war, but you had all finished earlier than expected and it had all worked out in the end. The sun was still out and had a bit before it would start setting, which surprised you since you had expected to not finish until later at night.

So all was well and working in your favors, and you all were happy from the mild joking, albeit tired and covered in sparkles.

”I shine bright like a doitsu~” murmured Gilbert as he layered on his German accent and stood directly in the light, making the glitter shine brightly with each movement.

Antonio giggled and Francis shook his head, though a smile grew on his face.
Your eye brows creased in confusion, “Wait what do you mean...”

“Nothing, nothing,” Gilbert said as he walked past you, “Just an inside joke...” He walked out of his room, you guys were done and he stated that he had to go the bathroom. 'It'snot necessary for you tell us that Gilbert, just go.'

Francis smiled at you, since you were still obviously confused and his sudden leaving wasn’t helping, “...he has a blog.” Francis stated, as if that would clear everything up.

“Right...” you nodded in false understanding, not bothering to put in the effort to understand what just happened.

Francis and Antonio chattered with one another as they sat on the bed, about girls or something was your guess. You weren’t concered with their conversation though, so you walked around the room and checked it out.

His room was in the attic, so the walls were slanted. It wasn’t scary or dark as one would suspect an attic to be like; there were many windows that allowed light to fill the large room. And it was surprisingly clean in your opinion, at least neater than your room. You hadn’t expected that from him though...

‘I barely know them, don’t I...’ a fleeting thought passed through your mind.

You were going to sit on a large, yellow chick beanbag set against the wall, when something across the room caught your eye... was that...
You slowly walked up to see a bunch of figurines lined on a shelf above a desk. Your lips curved into a smile as you chuckled, seems like the popular guy was more of a dork than everyone thought...

You reached out to touch a figure of Captain America when you heard a desperate shout from across the room, “No don’t touch those!”

You turned to see Gilbert running towards you... guess he was done with the bathroom now.  “Sorry, frau! I just, uh, don’t want them to get ruined or anything. Not that I don’t trust you wouldn’t do that! It’s just...”

Stopping his onslaught of words you smiled kindly, “I understand, it’s okay.”

He rubbed a hand on the back of his neck and chuckled nervously, “Yeah...” But he quickly regained his normal aura of overconfidence and pulled you away from his desk towards the other two on the bed.

An overprotective dork then.

They looked up from whatever they were arguing about, “What do you guys want to do now?”

Suddenly feeling a bit uncomfortable, since it was a bit like you were imposing on the threes ‘hanging out’ time together, you said, “Well... actually I should head home.”

But Gilbert tsked and shook his head, “No, stay. We finished early so we should play a game or something.”

“No, really, I’ve got to get home.” You weren’t going to let them convince you like last time, you had made a close call with your mom before and you didn’t want to go through that again. Pushing your luck wasn’t what you did, at least not when it came to your mom.
You were here to finish the project, and that was all.

After a while more of arguing, they realized that you weren’t going to budge in your decision this time around. Antonio held his hands up in solemn submittance, “Fine, fine. You can go home then, since you’re so very insisting on it.”

You gave them a tight smile as you walked downstairs, them following after you. You didn’t want to disappoint them, but you had to look over yourself first of all.

Passing by the kitchen once more, you heard the familiar laugh of Feli and peeked your head in once more to tell them all goodbye. They looked up at you as their chatter halted and you gave them a wave, “I’ll see you all later, okay?”

In all honestly, you didn't think you'd see them again, but it was the polite thing to do.

They returned your smile and waved back, so you continued on to the door to put your shoes on. It was amazing how kind these people were, it had been a while since you met people this...

“________, may I speak with you before you go?” You looked up as you finished knotting the last shoe and your eyes met with Kiku’s.

Suddenly feeling very anxious, you nodded slowly. He had treated you so kindly before, that you didn’t want to be impolite and decline him when he simply wanted to talk with you.

Your head cocked to the side questioningly, “What is it, Kiku?”

“Um, I just wanted to ask about-“ he was cut off as the trio entered the hallway, “How about we go to a more private area, actually.”

You agreed and followed him to a different room, brushing off the trio’s questions and telling them Kiku just had to ask you about something and that you’d be quick.

The door shut behind you wish a click as you turned to face him apprehensively. Something obviously seemed to be bothering him, and you hoped it wasn’t about what had happened earlier in the living room...

“What’s wrong, _______, you didn’t seem okay when we were speaking earlier. Were you uncomfortable?”

Your hope was crushed and your heart was beating rapidly now, you had hoped that they had forgotten about that, “Um. Yeah, well... I... It’s a bit of a long story.”
You weren’t sure what to do, to tell or not to tell.

He could see your distress, and if it wasn’t clear by your words it was clear by how you fidgeted around, “Please, _______. You don’t have to tell me...”

Feeling calmer by his words, by the fact that he was giving you a choice, you took a breath, “I haven’t really ever... talked to anyone about it. I don’t know.”

He motioned to a loveseat across the room and you two walked over to sit on it as thoughts ran wildly through your mind, “It’s best to let things out, you know.” He said after a while of pure silence, his voice ringing silently through the air, “It not good if you keep it bottled up inside, it’s not very healthy for you. No one else knows?”

You huffed hesitantly, you barely knew him but you somehow trusted him. His kindness and respect wasn’t fake and it was something you hadn’t been given in a while. Feeling yourself breaking down a bit and leaning more towards telling him you said, “No. I mean, just my mother and some, er, officials. I-I tried telling my friends,” your voiced cracked a bit, “But they couldn’t deal with me so I didn’t really have someone to talk to.”

He paused, thinking through his next words, “I’m here to listen to you if you want,” he blushed slightly, feeling a bit uncomfortable with his words, he was the shy type and he wasn’t used to be so outright with his words, “I’m your friend, so you can talk with me.”

You smiled, even though you could feel your eyes starting to water with the memories, and your voice was a little more than a whisper, “It was so long ago, I was still Elementary school. We were... we were fine then. And she smiled, my mother smiled all the time back then.” Your eyes were looking straight ahead, zoned out on the wall as you said whatever came to mind...

You faltered again, “I’ve never told anyone about this.”

He nodded patiently, “I know.”

And that was all it took for you to muster enough trust to tell him about what happened. It was as if all of those hurt emotions had been closed tightly in a box that you kept in the back of your head, along with those memories, and he had found a way to pry it open.

Or maybe that you had been holding it in for too long, like a dam holding back a river or more like an ocean and it was finally too much for you handle, and it was overflowing and breaking through now.

“You didn’t tell your father?” He suddenly asked, breaking your thoughts. You stared at him, confused, so he quickly explained, “Well, you said that your mother knew but you didn’t mention anything about your dad.”

Taking a shaky breath your voice was quieter than usual, so that you could keep it under control, “I couldn’t tell my dad, because he’s the reason for, well, all of this. My dad died, when I was 12.” Your eyes flitted to his face to see his reaction, because this was where people tended to gasp loudly, and attack you with questions, or give you hugs and tell you it was going to be okay, when you knew that it was not.

But he didn’t do any of this, and you were grateful for that. He didn’t abuse you with tons of questions, like your friends or the police had done.

He was just listening to you.

“I... I’ll try to start from the beginning.”
Comments make me pleasure smile & encourage me to get to writing so what are you waiting for

Please, if you have any advice or critique for mah writing, I'd greatly appreciate it. <33 All advice is loveddd

So I was thinking of writing the next part as a flashback type thing. Ugh I don't know. I'll figure this out.
But yeah I'll probably be updating this today, and I say probably because I tend to procrastinate but yeah. Just figured this was an okay stopping point for now.

In the next part you guys will find out what happened to your dad! Yay! And about why you mom acts the way she does! Hope you guys dont mind that it's just w/ Japan for now though since that's what how this story goes! Huzzah!

But oh gosh guys I'm kinda excited for this story, because I planned it alll out with my sister ((So yeah this is not just me, it's my sister giving me ideas too)) and it's going to be kinda great c8

My sister said that the ending was cruel tho but I was too busy laughing evilly to listen to her

But there should be /at least/ ten more parts.
Which is terribly insane of me.

& Oh yeah, forgot to point out to those of you that didn't know, indeed Prussia is canon-ly a bit of a dork & a does indeed have a blog
Go read the comics children

Feel free to suggest things that you'd like to see in the story, and I'll see if I can add them if it doesn't affect the plot.

More chapters can be found here: [link]

Blah blah I dont own hetalia or you blah blah blah but i could own you if you sold your soul to me so what are you waiting for!
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