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January 4, 2013
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Previously, the BTT took turns teaching you how to have a good time, and after a heart racing time, flamboyance, awkward flirting, cheese spray, and a close call with your mom, you ended up safe in your room, ready to face a new day of school and project working.


It was nearing the end of the school day, with nothing really new happening to you.

You were still ignored by other students and people would still glare or look down on you on eye contact, but you weren't fazed by that. It wasn't like you weren't used to it or anything.

Though, the day had been easier to bear, what with the pleasant memories from the other day that kept a light smile on your face, and the fact that the recent friends no, acquaintances you had made the other day would wave at you and actually acknowledge your presence. It was a new, unusual feeling, but you weren't complaining.

It was pleasant.

You eyed the clock warily, just as you and almost everyone else in class was doing, waiting for the last bell of the day to ring, and freeing them from the school. The sound of the teachers lecture droned on in the back of your mind, like some sort of background music no one really ever paid much attention to, but was always there.

You were going to go to Gilbert's house today, to hopefully complete the project this time, and that brought your thoughts back to this morning. Your mother hadn't been furious at you for staying out late, rather, she couldn't remember anything from the other day, due to her getting a little excited at the local bar last night.

Not that you were complaining, it worked greatly to your advantage, since you had managed to fabricate a little lie about how you weren't able to go anywhere to complete the project, and had stayed at home in bed all day. Doing work of course, and not lazing about.

You gave a sigh of relief, glad that things worked so much to your benefit, it wasn't a usual occurrence for you, so you knew that you shouldn't push your luck this time.

Today you had to make sure that you got home on time.

Even if your mother had stated that she was going to be out even later this time, by orders of her boss who wasn't amused at her lack of productivity the other day, you weren't going to put your luck to the test.

"And as for the project," At hearing the mention of the cause of this week's problem, you tuned into what the teacher was saying as they continued, "I'm changing the deadline to tomorrow,"

Groans and protests from the students echoed through the class at the absurd proposition, but was quickly silenced by a glare from the teacher, "There are only six school days left, meaning tomorrow, the weekend, which doesn't count, and then the last week of school."

"So what!" A student started furiously, but was ignored, "And we all know how the last week of school goes. Nothing is due, tests have already been taken, and everyone is finished. And very few people come to the school, please, we all know of this. I don't want to be forced to fail you all because you decided to not come during the last week. So I'm terribly sorry for those of you who decided to procrastinate, because you have a lot of work ahead of you today."

And as if it was perfectly planned, the bell rang the moment the teacher finished his horrifying speech.

'He doesn't sound sorry at all...' you thought unpleasantly.

With grumbles and whispered insults to the teacher, students slowly exited the class, gathering in their groups to discuss on what they were to do now.

You groaned and wiped at your face, quickly standing up to search for the trio, who seemed to already left the class in a furious fashion.

'Well... we were going to work on it today anyways,' you thought as you trotted down the hallway towards the schools exit.

'I feel like I'm forgetting something... Ah no! I totally forgot to ask the guy where he lives!'

You groaned once more at your foolish planning, also realizing that you'd have to walk to wherever he lived, considering you had left your trusty scooter at home, right where you had thrown it the other day. You frowned as you pictured the exact spot you had left it.

'Well, I'd better hurry and find them before they leave!' You thought suddenly as you picked up your pace, hopelessly wishing that the trio had decided to stick around the school a while longer.

Soon you were met with the sun lightly beating down on your face and warmth immediately spread over you, a slight breeze blowing through your hair, cooling you down to just the perfect temperature. Perfect weather.

After a few quick looks around with none of the trio in sight, you tried to think up what to do.

There wasn't anyone you were familiar with enough for you to ask where they were, and time was running out. If they went home without you finding out where Gilbert was, you wouldn't be able to finish the project!

'There goes my grade...' You thought with a sigh as you sat down on a step, propping your head on your hands. The grounds in front of the school were nearly empty now as people were picked up or simply drove off home. You were pretty certain now that they were no longer at the school.

"Heyyy, if it isn't my little friend, _________~" You jumped slightly and looked up to see who was talking to you. There were few at the school who called you friend. 'No wait, not even a few...' you thought grimly.

But your frown slowly turned into a smile as you saw who it was, one of the first 'friends' you had somehow made this year. "Alfr- I mean, Al! It's nice to see you again." You stood up with a grin.

Al was standing with a smirk on his face and a pose that possibly showed arrogance. You didn't pay much heed to that though as your attention went to the two people standing behind him. "Oh, are these your other friends?" You asked, honestly curious.

Al looked behind him for a glance, "Yeah, yeah. Artie and Matt, this is my dear friend, _________."

"Nice to meet you," You smiled at the two standing behind Al silently.

The one named Artie was dressed more extravagantly than other students at the school, and that was saying something. His clothes were bright pink and blue colors that nicely accented his light salmon colored hair. He had a bright smile on his face as he looked you over, "'Ello dahling!" He trilled.

Matt, on the other hand, had long blond hair that parted to frame his face; he wore a jacket despite the warmer weather, and what seemed like a short-sleeved shirt with a red maple leaf in the middle. Unlike Artie, Matt seemed to be glowering at you, for some unknown reason. You eyed him back, he seemed like the type girls would flock over, despite the rude aura he gave off.

'He looks like someone my mom would bang...' You thought with a twitch.  

"So what's a pretty girl like you doing waiting out here?" He asked, you didn't notice the arrogant smile shared between the three of them.

'Maybe he knows where the guys are!!' You thought excitedly, "Oh, waiting for some people. Don't suppose that you've seen the bad tou- I mean, Gilbert, Francis, or Antonio around? I have a huge project due tomorrow and they're my partners. Any chance you've seen them?" Your eyebrows raised hopefully.

Al waved a hand uncaringly, "Nah, haven't seen any of them."

"But we do know where they live!" Artie chimed in.

"Yeah, we could give you a ride if you need one," Matt leered.

You were pretty oblivious to whatever was going on; you couldn't help but admire the way that they practically just finished each other's sentences. In a way, they reminded you of the three you were off searching for, actually, but you couldn't bother them to go out of their way to take you to Gilbert's though! That would be ridiculously needy of you.

"No, no, I'm alright, I'll find them eventually." Actually by now, you were pretty certain  that you'd find them at the school anymore. Maybe you could walk to Francis's house and get directions from there? But it was such a long ways away to reach by walking....

Before any more words were exchanged, a girl suddenly appeared and latched onto Al's arm, and you slightly jumped in alarm at the sudden appearance of someone new.

"Alfiee!~" The girl giggled and squealed as Al brought her in for a kiss.

Feeling more than a little awkward, you couldn't do anything else but just stand there and stare, with Matt and Artie giving each other amused looks at your reaction.

Al and the girl seemed to be getting a little into the kiss so you started to inch away. No time like the present to go searching for the three...

Artie grabbed your arm and enthusiastically whispered an explanation, (Did this guy ever stop grinning?) "That is Al's girlfriend. They've been forever for forever and a half, haha! So don't mind them. Surely you didn't think he was single now, did you?"

You eyed the two, who had luckily stopped their lip action to simply hugging one another passionately, much to your relief.

"Yeah, nothing could break those two up." Matt added in nonchalantly, "At least, that's what Al always says. For a guy who seems like he couldn't give two shits about others, he's pretty in love with that girl."

"That's right!" Al said, finally back to reality. He had an arm draped around the attractive girl, as they rejoined the group, "We're like that yin and yao stuff, huh?"

The girl giggled, a light sound filling the air, "Yang, Al. Yin and yang. Yao is the name of your Chinese friend, silly!" They laughed a bit at the mistake before Al turned to you again.

"Whatever, whatever. But hey, seriously, lemme give you a ride to where ya need to be ___________," He squeezed his girlfriend closer to his side, "We don't mind."

Matt and Artie shared a look with one another, knowing that whatever plans they may have had about having fun with you were over. Al was a completely different person around her. Al wasn't going to do anything sketchy with her around, she didn't know of his past foul actions and he wanted to keep it that way. Al was sure that she'd be scared away, considering that she was just one of those pretty-faced, popular girls. They had then decided to take their leave and go home before Al, seeing that they didn't want to tag along while you were being dropped off.

So with a disappointed sigh, Matt dragged Artie away. "Another time, Al?" He asked his friend, the second meaning clear to Al.

Al nodded forebodingly, "Another time."

You stared blankly at all that was happening, you could barely understand what was happening, it was so new. 'Just another world with another group of people I don't know anything about...' You thought to yourself.

You had put in that you were going to be off on your way too, but it seemed like Al was hell-bent on giving you a ride, so you didn't object any longer, following close behind the two lovers.

A wonderfully uneventful car ride later...

"Thanks again for the ride," You quietly mumbled as you stumbled onto the sidewalk. With a quick wave, Al zoomed away, quickly leaving your sight.

'That guy's going to get a speeding ticket at that rate...' you thought with a hopeless shake of the head.

But first things first. You quickly ran up the two steps to the porch and, surprising yourself by not hesitating, rang the doorbell.

Someone who looked to be a year or two older than Gilbert, at least he was taller than the guy, answered the door. You looked up, you hadn't really thought of what other people lived in the same house as Gilbert, and so you were a bit caught off guard.

You stared at him blankly, noting his blond hair, which was neatly slicked back, the bright blue colors of his eyes, and the stern expression on his face. 'Huh. I guess he has roommates too? I swear I thought I had heard Gilbert lived with family...'

The guy raised a puzzled eyebrow and said, "Yes? May I help you?" And that's when you knew for certain you were at the right home; the guy had the same German accent as Gilbert... well, that didn't really affirm anything, but that should amount to something. Right?

"Oh, I'm just looking for Gilbert... we're supposed to work on a project. Is he around?" You fiddled with your hands nervously.

He shook his head and you felt your spirit drop, "No, he hasn't been home yet," At the sight of you he added, "But you can come inside and wait for him? I can go give him a call and ask him about what to do."

You quickly nodded your head, thankful that you didn't have to try to figure out where you were and find your way home from there. Maybe you should have paid more attention to the roads Al took to reach Gilberts house...

He stepped back to allow room for you to pass by, and silently shut the door behind you after you entered.

You watched him as he walked past you, down the hallway and turning into another room. 'Does he want me to follow or something?' You didn't know what else to do, you just decided to follow the guy anyways, and hope that he had walked into the living room or some other place you could wait for Gilbert.

You heard a higher pitched laughter coming from the room, though, one you decided couldn't possibly belong to the person who opened the door for you, and decided to peek in the room before entering.

'Better to be safe than sorry,' you muttered under your breath.

"Who was it Ludwig?" it turned out that the higher pitched laughter had come from a boy, who could almost have been Lovino's twin if it weren't for his lighter hair and younger appearance... or could it be...? You had remembered seeing two boys at the window that night...

"Just one of Gilbert's friends. They need me to go give him a call real quickly, so I'll be right back," the person who was so-called Ludwig continued walking through the kitchen, apparently to give Gilbert a call.

"Oh I hope it's not Francis. He gives me a headache." A polite, Japanese-accented voice said. You leaned out a little farther to see who spoke, and it turned out to be a boy with short-cut black hair, sitting in a chair on the other side of the room with a hand placed on his forehead.

The one that looked like Lovino laughed as he took a cup of water and filled it at the sink, "No, Kiku, if it was Francis he would have used his own phone." After a moment's pause he added, "And he probably wouldn't have ringed the doorbell anyways."

Kiku silently agreed, and you watched the other boys eyes dart around the room, eventually landing on... you? He tilted his head and he seemed to look straight at you, causing you to squeal in surprise. You quickly retreated out of sight, back pressed to the wall.

'Gosh, that was a close call-'

"Hey, bella, come over here and say hi! I'm Feliciano!" The boy trilled from the kitchen.

'Nope. He saw me...' you sulked.

You took a deep breath and turned into the kitchen, "Um, hello. I'm ____________."

The black-haired boy nodded politely and replied, "Hello ____________, I am Kiku. A pleasure to meet you-"

Feliciano was suddenly in front of you, reaching out with his arms and bringing you in for a hug as your eyes went almost as wide as Kiku's, "Hey, ____________, you're friends with Gilbert, right? Why don't you become friends with us toooo!"

Kiku waved his hands around frantically as he paced around you two, "What are you doing? That's totally inappropriate behavior and you can't just do that to someone you just met!"

Feliciano's grin didn't falter though and he finally let you go to address his friend, "Why not!?"

You couldn't do much other than just stand there, feeling more than a little bit dazed. You had never met someone more touchy-feely in your life, and there was no doubt that you hadn't felt more uncomfortable in your life.

Kiku kept on panicking and debating with Feli, something about how he should respect others 'Personar boundaries' or something.

You turned slightly to see Ludwig facepalm as he entered the room, holding out a cell phone to you, "Um. Sorry for my friends, but here you go, my bruder is on the line now."

"Your brother?" You asked questioningly, not understanding why he wanted you to speak to his brother. Wasn't he going to go call Gilbert for you?

"You did say you needed to speak with Gilbert, ja?" He asked, a puzzled expression on his face.

You nodded quickly, feeling a bit embarrassed at your mistake, "Oh yes. Uh, sorry about that." You grabbed the phone and placed it on your ear, walking out of the room towards a more silent area, and leaving the three friends back in the kitchen to their quarrels.

"Gilbert?" You asked questioningly, not sure if there was still someone on the other line.

"Heyyy, frau, I hear you're already at my awesome home, huh? Already met my little brother, Ludwig?" His tone of voice indicated that he was smiling as he spoke.

"Wait. Little brother? Brother? Whaaat? He looks older than you, and he looks nothing like you!" You brought your voice down to a whisper, not wanting Ludwig's first impression of you to be that you were rude.

"Hey! Don't judge me by my height, it's not my fault I have weird genes," He huffed out, obviously used to this conversation that still seemed to strike a nerve with him, "But anyways, sorry about just leaving the school without you, forgot that we had to do this project today the moment we left class ahahahahaha! But Antonio just has to pick something off at his house and I'm driving, so we'll all see you soon! Gotta go! Auf weidersehen!"

Dial tone.

You brought the phone slowly away from your ear, eyeing it. The nerve of the guy. He had hung up without letting you say much, and you couldn't do much about it.  But knowing that they were on their way, at least, made you feel more relaxed.

It was awkward enough being at someone else's house, nevertheless being here alone while your supposed host was absent.

You were startled as you heard a crash coming from the kitchen, accompanied by some harsh lecturing.

Yeah, this was going to be a long day...
Okay um I hope that wasn't too shitty.
I was going to write more but then something possessed me that said i should edit what I already had instead and now I'm so done and tired and it's a bit longer than a short chapter anyway and the ending is nice and i'm sorry.



But hopefully none of you experience hate towards whoever the fck Als gf is. Like, she's not even an important character and doesn't even have a name (( AND YOU SHOULD SUGGEST SOME NAMES ACTUALLY)) but she's needed for things to happen in the future story plot line thing. Which actually kind of makes her a semi important character now.

Ugh my mind.

This story just seems more confusing to me the more I write and think about it but oh well.

Actually this story is going to end up a lot more like a bttxreaderx2p!america story which is like the most weirdest pairing thing ever what am i doing for this fandom i'm not helping.

And there's so many trio's in this chapter! *o*
Like, axis powers and the btt and the 2P trio Which I just made up right now but whatever

Um anyways please leave a comment
Comments make me pleasure smile~

Feel free to suggest things that you'd like to see in the story, and I'll see if I can add them if it doesn't affect the plot.

More chapters can be found here: [link]

Blah blah I dont own hetalia or you blah blah blah
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