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Previously, admitting to the trio that you haven't ever partied, the BTT decided that it would be a good idea for them to show you what it's like to let loose and have some fun once in a while. Good luck

Now that the adrenaline from before was wearing off, you weren't too sure about your decision anymore.

"A-Antonio... are you sure about this?" You whispered from the other side of the door. You weren't ready to go in yet, but they guys were all sitting in Francis's bedroom, waiting for you, no doubt smiling broadly.

"Yeah chica, I know exactly what I'm doing!" You heard him say from the other side, "It's okay really, you're beautiful! You'll be fine!"

After hearing the other two chide into the conversation with their agreements, you blushed at the compliment Antonio might have not noticed giving you, it seemed to be in their nature to be so... flirty. You huffed lightly and brushed at your clothes. 'Well, it's now or never....' You thought, as you reached for the door handle.

Leaving the bathroom and keeping your eyes to the ground, your cheeks reddened as you approached the guys who were sitting on the bed.

They really weren't saying anything, so you started to wonder if there was something wrong. You stopped a bit in front of them and twirled around in a circle.

Looking anywhere but at them, you asked quietly, "So... how do I look?"

An hour or so ago....

The trio had dragged you to a more secluded area, a different room, so that there wouldn't be any distractions. After deciding that they were going to show you what a party was like, the first thing you expected was for them to drag you directly into the middle of the dance floor.

You shook your head full of thoughts, 'Silly me, I can't believe I expected them to just break out in dance in the heart of the party...'

Looking a little too excited, the three left you sitting the couch and walked out of earshot; huddled together, and whispering to one another. Little to say, you were definitely confused at what was happening.

With a laugh from each of them, which you had to admit, creeped you out a bit, listening to them all laugh at the same time, they high fived and turned to face you.

Francis put a hand on his hip and smirked, "Ohonhonhon, you don't have to look so worried, ____________, we were just planning out how tonight was going to work out...."

His words weren't exactly helping, and you had to admit that he was starting to sound a bit creepy. You abruptly stood up and eyed the door, "Actually, I changed my mind, and I was just leaving..." You grinned nervously.

Antonio sighed and put an arm on your shoulder, gently pushing you back onto the couch, "No, chica, really, we just had to sort things out. We haven't ever really had to teach someone how to... erm... party."

Gilbert spoke quickly, not leaving a chance for you to interrupt what they had to say, "Ja, so don't worry, and just listen."
They sat down around you, Antonio next to you on the couch, and the other two on the floor facing you guys.

Seeing you nod your head for them to carry on, they smiled and started to explain.

With an expert smile, Gilbert started, "So, we thought about what makes up a party, and there's really just three aspects that each of us can teach you!"

With an excited nod, Antonio chirped, "Si! First will be me, and I'll be in charge of your outfit!"

You scowled, "What do you mean 'my outfit'! I think I look perfectly alright, for your information." You were about to start rambling, but you caught yourself and stopped with a 'Hmph," and a pout.

He laughed lightly and shook his head, "No, I mean, if you're at a party, you should like you're ready to party!" He looked over your outfit, "And frankly, an oversized hoodie isn't the most appropriate, I think."

Still pouting as they all smiled, you nodded slowly, "Okay... okay fine. But it's not my fault that I didn't know there was going to be a party here." Not wanting to go back to that sensitive topic though, you kept speaking, "But I did say that I'd let you guys show me what it's like..." 'Even if I don't want to anymore' " what are you going to do about it?"

You looked at Antonio, "I mean, you don't carry dresses and such around on your person.... right?" Your eyes widened slightly, 'Oh my god, at least, I hope that they don't. I mean, I'm not sure what those popular people do... and these guys always seemed to be prepared... so maybe they do? But... that would be so-so weird! What type of guy would carry that kind of stuff around??'

You were kind of just staring at his face with a growing expression of horror, though the guys didn't really understand why. Deciding that you were just being you, Antonio laughed loudly and shook his head, "No! I don't carry around clothes with me. At least, not girls' clothing."

That's when you became a bit confused, "But... then how are you going to show me what to wear at a party?"

Francis started laughing his creepy laugh again, and you turned to him, wide-eyed. "Well... this is my house so...."

You still didn't catch on to what he was hinting to... you obviously knew that he lived here, but so what?

He chuckled at your puzzlement, "Silly fille, I live here, so I have a closet... with clothes in it..."

You gasped lightly, 'Wait a second, is this guy... offering his clothes to me?'

Back to the present

And that's how you got in this situation. They had dragged you over to Francis's room after that, with him apologizing and saying, "Mon dieu, I'm so sorry, but I don't really have anything your size, so it'll be a bit baggy on you... but we're mostly here to teach you how to dress, right?"

You had facepalmed then, but decided to play along and be nice. At least they were trying.

Antonio had then stalked through Francis's extensive closet "Wow Francis, you have lots of stuff!!" and had pulled out a few things from the back of the closet, just some clothes that didn't fit Francis as perfectly, and maybe suit you better, and had put them in your arms.

Antonio had then shoved you into the bathroom and ordered you to change, and considering you didn't seem to have much choice, you did. Though you were still really really really uncomfortable with it all. But you had pushed the fact that you changing into someone else's clothes to the back of your mind.

'Not just someone else... Francis... the guy who had first approached you all those years ago... His clothes...' You shook your head to clear the thoughts; it would just make everything more and more awkward.

"So... how do I look?" You asked after a small twirl. Antonio had basically handed you the same type of clothing they were wearing at the moment, deeming them 'party clothes'.

You were wearing  skinny jeans now, at least, they were supposed to be skinny jeans, but they didn't fit all that well considering that they were Francis's, along with a jacket and a short sleeved shirt that read, "I'm lost, take me with you?" on it, which was a shirt you typically wouldn't be caught dead in, but Antonio said that it was either that or a shirt that said in big bolded letters, with an arrow pointing downward, "NOTHING'S BIGGER THAN THIS PROBLEM RIGHT HERE."


But all that aside, you were now standing before them, waiting for a response.

It was all silent for a moment, which made you feel more than a little uncomfortable, until Antonio stood up and started circling around you.

"Uhm. Um. Uhmmmmm.... What are you doing?" You froze in your spot as you watched him pass in front of you a few times as circled around, not saying anything and just humming quiet noises as he checked out the clothes. At least, you thought it was only the clothes he was checking out... hopefully.

"Oh, nothing. Just seeing how it looks on you!" He said, deep in thought.

'Wow, he's really getting into this...' you thought as he stopped circling and was just standing there staring at you with a calculating look.

It was all you could do to not just drop to the ground or hide your face in awkward embarrassment, you've never really been in a situation like you were in now, and you doubted that you had ever felt this awkward in your life. It was all a bit too much for you to handle.

"Nope. It looks terrible." He decided with a nod.

Your eyes shot up to him, surprised at how blunt he was. 'I mean, sure i might not be the best looking person around, but surely this wasn't too bad...' You blushed in annoyed embarrassment.

Francis frowned at Antonio and said, " 'ey, that's not nice, mon ami. I think that she looks wonderful in my clothes!" He said with a mock hurt tone, trying to twist his face into a sad frown, but instead ended up with a smirk on his face, one that you ignored since you were still a bit upset at Antonio.

"No, not her. She's fine, it's just your clothes Francis, just look! They're much too large on her, she might as well continue wearing her own clothes." He said, nodding with his words as if they were the most reasonable and obvious things.

He noticed that you were starting to get angry, considering that you were frowning largely in his direction, clearly unamused as he bashed on your clothes, "No! I mean- um..." He put a hand on your shoulder and sighed, leaning more in your direction, "Look, we're trying to get you dressed for a party, si? And you should feel comfortable and beautiful, no?"

You relaxed a little and nodded, so he continued, "And do you feel beautiful and comfortable?"

You sighed and shook your head, admitting that you definitely didn't feel beautiful nor comfortable in Francis's clothes. It's not that they were too big on you, it's not like you were that skinny or something, it's just that you didn't feel relaxed in them, and certainly didn't make you feel like those other girls who always seemed confident enough to go out and party.

Francis whined and pouted, and Antonio walked over to the two still sitting on the bed, and whispered among their selves again. You figured that that was a normal thing for the three, they were really close after all, so you just stood there pulling at the shirt you were wearing, feeling out of place, and waited for them to acknowledge you again.

"No way Francis, that's so weird!" You suddenly heard Gilbert exclaim loudly.

Curiosity getting the best of you, you sneaked closer to them to try to listen in. You slowly approached Antonio, tiptoeing closer and closer to where they were gathered. Antonio was standing in front of the two, thus blocking them from noticing you. You had finally reached him, and standing pretty close behind Antonio, you started to listen in.

"Well then, sounds like a plan!"

And suddenly Antonio stood and backed up, it seemed that they had just finished their little 'meeting', just your luck. You squeaked as he bumped into you, "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, I was just..." You tried to think up a proper excuse as Antonio recovered from the sudden bump, but nothing came to mind.

Francis and Gilbert had creepy smiles on their faces, which you didn't understand why, but Antonio just brushed himself off and said, "Don't worry about that, or them, I think their faces are permanently stuck that way, you're fine." Gilbert and Francis made faces at Antonio, and he stuck his tongue back at them.

Antonio remembered you and clapped his hands together, "Come now, I know exactly what you should wear!"

He tried to pull you back into Francis's huge closet, but you pulled away and fell out of the closet, "Nope, you grab whatever you want me to wear Antonio, I'll just wait right here." You pointed to the ground and stomped lightly to add emphasis to your words. The thought of going into the closet didn't appeal to you, it was a bit stuffy to you, and made you feel claustrophobic.

Too excited to try convincing you to join him though, Antonio continued his search for... whatever clothes he wanted to wear.

Your eyes flickered over to Francis and Gilbert, but you noticed that they were staring at you too, so you quickly jerked your eyes back to the closet. It was always awkward when you met eyes with someone who was staring at you, at least in your opinion.

"Perfect!" Antonio finally came out of the closet ((Excuse the pun, hurhurhur)) and grinned flamboyantly.

And suddenly the next few seconds happened in a frenzied blur, with Antonio rushing out of the closet, with commentary from Gilbert about how Antonio was finally 'coming out of the closet', shoved a dress in your arms, and pushed you back into the bathroom.

"And you better not come out with your hair still braided!" He cried from the other side of the door, "Believe me, you'll look better with it let down!"

You took a minute to get ahold of yourself, like noting where the hell he shoved you into, and calming your heavy breathing.

You studied the dress he had handed you, it was a lovely (-insert awesome party dress color here-) color, and it was a really nice dress. You couldn't believe that they wanted you to wear it. You.

Without a second thought, you gently took off Francis's clothes, Still shaking your head and wondering whatever had possessed you to try them in the first place, and folded them, pulling the dress on. You weren't able to tie the bow in the back, but you figured that Antonio could do that later.

Reaching for the door, you remembered Antonio's request, and undid your braid, letting your hair fall on your shoulders. Giving a quick glance to the mirror, you stopped for a second and you froze. 'What the hell am I doing????' Everything from the past hour or so came rushing at all at once, this day had been flying by so quickly!! And the trio? Before you wouldn't even talk to them, but now you were partying with them??

'This is so ridiculous! Absurd!' You thought to yourself. You took a breath and smiled softly to yourself, 'But... but it's really nice. It's like we're friends or something... and it's lots of fun. More fun than I'd had in a very long time.'

You jumped as you heard a knock at the door, "Hey, are you doing okay in there frau?" Gilbert asked, "You were getting a bit silent..."

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine!" You said hurriedly, thinking up a proper excuse this time, "I just couldn't tie this bow in the back of the dress, that's all!" You opened the door to face them, mentally patting yourself on the back at your quick thinking.

By the time you had left the bathroom, Gilbert had marched back to the bed, and all three of them had started chattering with one another, a conversation quickly created, and were now laughing at whatever Gilbert had said.

"And then he said that awesome-ness wasn't even a word, how ridicul...ous...." Gilbert was speaking rapidly, but when he noticed you, he slowed down to a stop and just stared, causing Francis and Antonio to turn their heads to see what had distracted Gilbert.

Your hands fiddled with your dress as Francis let out a low whistle, "S-So.. how do I-"

They immediately interrupted you, "You look great!"
"Much better than Francis's ratty clothes!" Gilbert had gotten a light punch from Francis with that comment

You blushed at all their compliments, even if you knew they were just saying it because it was the gentleman thing to do, it still meant a lot to hear compliments, "Er, thank you..." You turned around to face the other direction and pointed at your back, "Could someone tie this for me though?"

Francis was the first one who stood to do it, but Antonio had insisted that he should, considering that this was his part of teaching you. He quickly tied the bow and you turned to face them all again.

'This dress may be pretty... but it's more uncomfortable than my sweater...' you pointed out to yourself, but you didn't want to have to change again, so you stayed quiet.

"Well, I think we're done here," You said, 'I hope....', "So... yay or nay?"

They all brought their hands up high and gave you the thumbs-up sign, "YAY!!"

And with that, Francis had declared that it was his turn to teach you his specialty next, and you just nodded.
"Wait, Francis, why did you have a dress in your closet anyways...."


You were all sitting in various spots in the room. You and Francis sitting cross-legged on the bed as Antonio and Gilbert were sprawled on the floor. Francis had decided that they weren't special enough to sit on the bed with him while he taught you his part, for whatever unknown reasons. You didn't want to try reasoning through how their thought processes worked.

It was Francis's turn now, and he decided to teach you the art of... flirting. "It's really simple, actually," He said as he flipped his hair, "Basically, just smile a lot, keep eye contact, and give lots of compliments!"

Your eyebrows came together in a bit of confusion, "...And that's it? No other wise words to give me? That doesn't sound easy at all!" Not that you were planning on flirting with anyone in the future, but what type of advice was that supposed to be? It was terribly vague for something that was supposed to be so terribly difficult.

"Oui. That's it." He nodded and smiled. "'ere, let me demonstrate."

You waited for him to demonstrate, when he suddenly smiled (flirtily?) at you and said, "Well, if I hadn't known you before and wanted to try flirting with you, I would have done this..." He gently set a hand on yours, which surprised and made you flinch, almost jerking your hand away from his, but he was holding on too tightly for you to have done that. He smiled and looked straight into your eyes, "And I'd tell you that I loved how that dress looked on you, and how your eyes shone brighter than anyone else in the party, or that the moment I saw you, I knew you were the one for moi."

His voice had lowered to almost a whisper, and he just kept on leaning closer and closer to whispering in your ear. You blushed profusely at his words, things that you never thought you'd hear before, when he suddenly pulled away and smirked at you, "See, and just like that! It's super easy, you try!" He leaned back on both his arms while looking at your reaction.

You smacked yourself mentally for getting too caught up in the moment, and hoped you weren't blushing as much as you felt you were. 'He had even told me that it was just a demonstration... I just....' you looked at the guy with a sideways glance, 'I just got caught up in the moment. Gosh, he's a fucking professional.... No wonder this guy's so popular with the ladies.'

You harrumphed and folded your arms, looking away snottily, "Well. It's not like you're an expert or something, I could totally tell you were flirting." You lied, but whatever. You weren't about to assure the already overconfident guy that he had made your heart flutter for a second.

"Ohonhonhon, really __________? You think so?" He suddenly shot forwards and placed a hand gently on your heart. You tried to scurry away, but it was difficult to do on the bed. You were puzzled at what he was doing... and his hand was getting a little too close to your chest... "See, your heart is still beating quickly!" He stated triumphantly.

"N-No way, you just startled me right now!" You countered; getting annoyed at all his sudden actions.

He just laughed it off, "Sure, whatever stops the tears at night, ma petite." Francis suddenly looked thoughtful and glanced over your shoulder.

You followed his gaze to gilbert as he stood up stretching his back from lying on the hard floor, and said, "Guys, I'm going downstairs to get a drink. Just come get me when you need me for my part!"

After gilbert left, Francis seemed to have an epiphany as he smiled widely and motioned you to come so he could whisper something to you. Reluctantly, you crawled over to him and he put a hand up to your ear to whisper, "How about your first test be Gilbert over there. Just do something quick like me, and we'll see what his reaction is."

Your eyes grew wide at the thought and your heart picked up speed again, what was this guy trying to do, give you heart problems? "What, no freaking way am I going to do that, that's so awkward!" You harshly whispered back. Francis flirting to you was one thing, but you doing it to one of the guys, to Gilbert was a little too much for you to handle.

"Either him or Antonio, you take your pick." He said stubbornly, his smile holding true on his face.

You glared at him as you heard Antonio peek up from the end of the bed, "Pick me for what?" He chimed in.

'Well, that was unexpected...' You thought as you flinched, you had thought he had left a while ago. "No wait, nothing Antonio. It's absolutely nothing." Glaring at Francis once more, you headed towards the doorway. Flirting with Gilbert would be better than Antonio, not that you didn't like him, but he had probably already heard everything you were talking about, and that bothered you a bit.

Not letting Francis's amused chuckles get to you, you closed the door to his room, heading downstairs to where Gilbert said he could be found. The kitchen.

Here let's switch over to Gilberts POV c:<< No wait I'm not sure whose pov this is XDD

Gilbert clambered down the stairs noisily, making a beeline to the kitchen. Nothing says awesome like a party with something alcoholic to drink, something my friends and I believe wholeheartedly.

He managed to avoid some of the rabid girls from the school, and sat down with a sigh on a barstool. Gilbert reached his hand out to grab the energy drink, which was provided at the party as an alternative to something alcoholic, since none of them were quite the legal drinking age of 21. Yet.

'Only three more years!' Gilbert exclaimed internally as he pumped a fist into the air, accompanied by an eager swig of the energy drink. He jumped off the barstool to go lean on the doorframe, examining the group of people moving and jumping and dancing around to the beat of the music. All the colors of the rainbow were flashing in bouts of light in various directions all over the room, creating shadows one minute and brightly lighting others in another.

It was a bit disorienting, but was one of the things Gilbert had to say he enjoyed most about a party. 'A party wouldn't be a party if it wasn't a bit hectic,' he thought proudly to himself, something one could always expect at a party Francis was hosting. Not that it was his friends' idea in the first place...-

"Gilbert! Gilbert! Gil- Oof," I turned around abruptly to see ________ on the ground, and by the looks of a group of people standing nearby, snickering not so discretely, he could only assume that they had done something to cause her to fall. He scowled at the group as he reached down and pulled her up.

You didn't seem fazed at all though, as you quickly brushed yourself off and smiled up at him. "Haha, sorry, clumsy me, not watching where I was going..."

He didn't really pay attention to your words and admired that you were able to easily put them off. But that also scared him a bit, the fact that you seemed to be used to treatment like this.... but that couldn't be possible, people just weren't rude like that. Those kids were just playing around and you probably knew it, which explained why you were able to so easily brush them off.
Nodding to himself as he seemed to answer the own question in his head about how you were able to pay no mind to those kids, he asked, "So, why did you come to see me? I thought Francis was still teaching his amazing tricks to l'amour"

He said l'amour in the best imitation of Francis's French accent, which ended up sounding terribly horrible, and in turn hilarious to you. Gilbert lips slightly turned up in a light smile as he saw you chuckle shyly at the poorly done imitation.

"Um, well, we finished up fairly quickly and he said that.... I should go take a break!" Gilbert thought you looked a bit uncertain at what you were saying at one point, but brushed that thought off as you continued, "And so I decided to come down here and, well, see how you were doing." Your nervous tone of voice calmed a bit as you finished the sentence, leaving the slightly bewildered face of Gilbert staring at you cautiously.

'Why did she come to me if Francis told her to take a break.... Maybe those two managed to scare her off?' He snickered at the thought, which was most certainly a possibility of the actions that had taken place upstairs, knowing his friends...

"Soooo, Gilbert," You started saying as he led you two to a more silent area, and sat down on a couch in the corner of the room. He wasn't sure what to say to your fidgeting, but he figured that you were just a naturally squirm-y person.

"I... " You weren't sure how to start this flirting thing, so you decided to just do the same thing as Francis had, it didn't seem to fail him, so you hoped it wouldn't lead to embarrassment for you. Gilbert was looking more and more confused with you as you noticed that you were stretching out saying 'I' way too much. You shut up and coughed shyly, composing yourself as you tried to remember what Francis had done upstairs.

You shifted your body, moving so that you could be in a more comfortable position, eventually gently setting a hand on Gilberts own. The one not clutching the drink, of course, the one that was conveniently placed on the couch between you and him.

He looked up at you even more puzzled than before, "Ummmm..."

Your heart racing a million miles an hour, you looked straight into his eyes, just as Francis had done to you, and said, "I love what you're wearing today, and um, how it looks on you," You were feeling terribly awkward and hoped that Gilbert wasn't feeling as awkward as you. Okay, so maybe saying exactly what Francis said wouldn't work, you'd have to improvise a bit...

"And your eyes shine brighter than anyone else in the party!" 'Even though I haven't paid any attention to anyone's eyes...' you thought to yourself, but continued.

"And the moment I saw you, I knew you were the-" Wait a second, maybe that was taking it a bit too far. Francis could get away with saying something like that, but you were definitely not the type to say something outright like that. It could make whatever friendship you had with him, very, very awkward. "the... MOST AWESOME GUY EVER!" You quickly blurted out.

'Okay... maybe not the best cover up, but the guy seems to be infatuated with the word awesome, so hopefully that works...' Your eyes tore away from Gilbert, his baffled expression getting to you. He definitely wasn't as charmed as you were when Francis had first taught you flirting.

Gilbert stared at you, feeling more puzzled than ever before, coming to the conclusion that you were the most bizarre girl he'd had the pleasure of meeting yet.

He didn't have to think of a way to end the awkward moment thankfully, since the sound of two signature laughs suddenly sounded from behind the couch. He facepalmed and started to chuckle along as what just happened pieced together in his mind.

Antonio & Francis POV c; Backwards a bit to the past when they were up in the room

The moment you had closed the door behind you, Francis had jumped up and placed an ear to the door.

Antonio looked up from the place he was resting on the other side of the room as he watched his friend with curiosity, sitting up to get a better view of him, "Uh, amigo? What are you doing exactly?"

Francis smirked, a smile that could make others fairly anxious, and make a gesture that told Antonio to be silent. When he seemed content with what he heard, or didn't hear, from the other side of the door, he quickly raced to Antonio and grabbed his arm.

"Whoa, whoa, slow down there Francis! What are we doing?" It seemed like Francis had another plan brewing, at least as far as what he could tell from the mischievous grin Francis was flashing.

"Are you kidding? You think I'm going to just sit down here while ________ goes off on 'er first attempt at flirting? No way!" He dragged Antonio to the door, "I'm going off to... watch over her," Francis stated, which most certainly sounded like was rather indicating, 'to eavesdrop'.

"Are you in?" Antonio grinned wildly at Francis's question, it honestly sounded like lots of fun, to see Gilberts reaction to this all. "What type of friend would I be if I left you alone to the job watching over her on your own?"

And with that, the two sneakily stumbled off towards the only place they were sure they were Gilbert would eventually end up sitting. The couch.

They were slyly following you from a not-so-close distance, and knowing that once Gilbert saw you, he'd lead you to his usual place of sitting, the far corner of the couch, waited until the perfect moment to run through the kitchen to the room. Their chance came at the time you were tripped and Gilbert helped you up to your feet. They certainly weren't pleased to watch one of the guys in the group not-so-subtly trip you, but they weren't about to let the perfect moment to sneak past get away.

With a dive behind the couch, Antonio and Francis ungracefully fell into place behind the couch. If the party wasn't so loud itself, then the two would have most certainly been discovered.

Francis laughed lightly, feeling the adrenaline pulsing through him and causing his heart to pick pace, as he was sure was happing to Antonio as well. With a look shared, he pointed a finger upwards to indicate if they should peek, and Antoinio nodded, holding three fingers up to start the countdown. Three... two.... one!

They both slowly raised their head until the two were clearly in sight, only to be surprised that Gilbert was already heading this way.

Antonio yelped and hoped they hadn't seen them yet, as he ducked back behind the couch and pulled Francis along with him.

Francis chuckled lightly, a bit out of breath and murmured, "A bit too close for comfort, huh?"

"To say the least," Antonio murmured back in agreement.

They placed their backs against the couch, straining their ears in an attempt to hear what they were saying. When they were starting to doubt if they even were still there, considering the silence, until Francis heard Gilbert make a hesitant noise.

It was almost painful to not be able to see Gilbert or _________ expressions, but there was nothing they could do without giving themselves away. Not sure what you were doing, the two listened to your... were you even trying to flirt?

After a few more seconds of listening in to you painfully trying to flirt, Francis almost choked with laughter as he realized that you were trying to flirt with Gilbert in the same way he had with you. It was too much; it was all he could do keep the laughter in.

Antonio gave Francis a puzzled look, but soon also realized what exactly you were doing.

The two looked each other in the eyes as they died of silent laughter behind the couch. The laughing died down when they heard you quiet down a bit, just to hear you say, "MOST AWESOME PERSON EVER!"

And that was the last straw. The two broke down in the most awful of laughing fits, clutching their sides and toppling over in the limited space behind the couch. Not able to contain it any longer, the silent laughter's turned into roaring chuckles at everything they had just heard.

Francis saw Gilbert peek behind the couch, and watched  as he too eventually realized all that had just happened, just to see Gilbert also burst into laughter as he placed a palm to his forehead.

Oh, you were just too much!

Um back to your POV...

After their laughing had died down, and you had finished with your embarrassment, they had all wandered back up into Francis's room, still the only truly silent place in the house, to see what Gilbert had planned for his turn. Francis had done enough damage, they had decided.

Once everyone was settled down, though the smiles remained on their faces, wider than you had ever seen yet, Gilbert exclaimed, "Well, frau, it's my awesome turn right now!" He put an emphasis on the word 'awesome', using it just to tease you this time, you could tell. "And I'm going to teach you how to party!"

You decided to stop him right there, "No way. No way am I dancing. There is nothing you can do to make me." You folded your arms over your chest. You had suffered enough embarrassment today, and you definitely weren't up to embarrassing yourself some more by dancing.

A bit surprised by your sudden stubbornness, he tried again, whining, "But _________, you have to! I have to teach you how to have a great time!! Come on!!!"

You shook your head quickly, "No way am I going to fall into this peer pressure. Find some other way to show me a good time."

Francis quietly chuckled, at whatever sketchy thoughts were running though his head at you asking Gilbert to 'show you a good time', until Antonio gave him a quick jab at his stomach which quickly shut him up. No way was Antonio going to let Francis taint your innocent mind. Yet.

"But-," You stopped Gilbert before he could go on with his arguing, "I already said no Gilbert." You looked to the other side of the room as it went silent.

"Fine then..." He mumbled, thinking of a different idea.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the doorbell ring, though that was a normal thing at a party, but what truly bothered him was when he heard who it was.

"Oh, not that party pooper again!" Francis exclaimed in annoyance as he threw his arms in the air. Gilbert nodded in agreement as he scowled at the door, "He complained last time too."

Antonio jumped up, "Come on, he's not that bad guys! I would get annoyed if I lived next to you too, if I had to go through listening to your party racket all the time, Francis!" He motioned to the door, smiling despite the scowls being thrown his way, "Let's go see what he wants, okay?"

The other two sighed and shrugged their shoulders as they followed Antonio downstairs, and though you weren't sure who exactly they were talking about, you decided to follow after them.

It was bizarre, that the music was no longer playing, but the noise from someone screaming quickly filled the silence.

"DO YOU KNOW HOW ANNOYING IT IS TO TRY AND GET SOME SLEEP AND HAVING TO LISTEN TO YOUR SHITTY MUSIC PLAYING ALL FREAKING NIGHT LONG???" You had reached the other three who were blocking your view of who was screaming at them. You noticed that the party had all but emptied out, and you figured that the guy had scared most of them away. Or that it was getting really late. You pushed the second thought to the back of your mind, not wanting to bother with that panicking thought.

"AND THE REST OF YOU BETTER GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE I CALL THE POLICE AND ARREST YOU ALL FOR BEING A PUBLIC DISTURBANCE!!" By the anger in his words and the reaction of the few people left, you figured the guy must have also been giving a death glare to the people there.

You watched as the remaining people slowly shuffle towards the door of the house, hearing one murmur to a friend, "Can you even get arrested for that?" "I dunno, but I'm not sticking around to figure out."

When everyone had left and only the three boys and you were left standing there, alone to face the person that had disturbed the party (Alfred & Arthur had decided to wave goodbye at the guests or something) you watched the dark outline of the guy go to flip the light switch on.

You gasped  at the sight of who it was...

Wow, I would so have a cliffhanger here but this wasn't where I planned on stopping... oh well.

You recognized him as one of the guys you had seen next door making pasta, the one with darker hair.

"Seriously Francis, you're insane! Why would you hold a party now! I thought we agreed to keep the crap until the weekends when I dont need to have to have enough sleep for school! Which I have tomorrow, as you know, and so do you bastardo! I can't get to sleep, and I've been trying to for the past hour, okay?"

Gilbert stopped his rant to walk up to him and stood as tall as possible, frowning at the other, "Hey, don't talk that way to Francis, it wasn't his idea anyways. If you have something against parties, go have a talk to Alfred, okay?"

You watched with interest at the four fuming boys, it seemed like him interrupting parties was a normal occasion, if he was threatening to call the police to report it as a public disturbance.

"Please, Lovi, just stop. You've already done enough damage, ending the party like that; it really wasn't your place to do so." Everyone turned to look at Antonio as he addressed Lovi.

With a final huff, and a furious glance back at them, he slammed the door shut as he stomped out of the house.

Later on...

Everyone was back in Francis's room, and the group had been sitting in silence on his bed while Gilbert paced back and forth in front of the bed.

You were about to say that you were going to go home, finding no reason to stay here for any longer, when Gilbert suddenly stopped his pacing with an exclamation of, "Aha!"

Everyone was jolted from their inner thoughts as they looked up at him, "Guys, guys, revenge!"

They all looked at him like he was going crazy, so he continued explaining matter-of-factly, "We need to exact revenge on that rude, self-serving, interrupting, son of a-"

"Please carry on," Antonio interrupted, not at all amused by Gilbert.

"Whaaat? He keeps on bothering us each time, and he didn't even let me have my turn on showing ________ a great time! So this is my turn's idea! For us to get revenge on Lovino!"


And that's how you all ended up standing outside of the twins house, after sneaking out with cans of cheese spray and a few rolls of toilet paper, Gilbert had given a hilariously dramatic speech.

And after that, all of you had gotten to work, arms flailing around, spraying cheese here, throwing a roll over there, not-so-accidentally throwing an empty can at Francis's face.... you all had a bunch of fun pranking Lovino.

After you all were finished with that, you had all stood back to give the house a look-over. The three gave a shrill whistle at the sight of the mess they had created.

"No regrets." Gilbert suddenly stated plainly as he shrugged and waltzed back down the sidewalk. "That's enough for one night, it's almost midnight!"

You managed to choke as you took in another breath, running after Gilbert with the other two behind you, you circled around him to stop him from walking. "M-Midnight?" You tried not to sound too squeaky.

He looked puzzled but nodded slowly, "Ja... midnight. What of it?"

You swallowed a lump in your throat, "I... I should head home now." You noticed that your scooter was carelessly thrown on the sidewalk in front of the lawn of Francis, and even though you didn't remember when you had put it down, you were glad that no one had made away with it.

"Bye guys!!" You picked up the scooter and started away, not listening to see if they gave a reply.

"Bizarre..." Antonio murmured as the three stood there wordlessly as they watched you scooter away into the night.

Back at home

You noticed that your mom's car was parked and you inhaled a breath, this wasn't going to be good when she noticed you had been gone for so long.

You silently made your way down the stairs towards your apartment door and pushed the door open slowly, making as few noise as you could. But it wasn't quiet enough, apparently.

"Honeyyyyy, what are you doing babeeee," You heard your mom slur more than usual, and you weren't sure if that was a good or bad thing at the moment. Your mom either got really violent or really "sweet when she was drunk.

You inched towards her voice, which landed you in the living room. 'Please be so drunk you won't remember anything in the morning, please be that drunk, pleaseeee,' you pleaded internally.  Your heart was beating faster yet, beating whatever records your pumping heart may have made earlier today.

Your mom was wrapped up in blankets on her place from the couch, and mumbled incoherently, "Where were you babyyy, I missed you so much hun." She wrapped her blanket tighter around her, even though it was warmer due to the fact that it was almost summer time.

You decided to play innocent, "I was just doing homework mom. There's this project I have to do, and it's the biggest one yet." You added emphasis to your words, and decided to throw in some flattery, even though you weren't sure if your mom could understand, "My grade depends on it, so I did my best, just for you mom. I know you worry about that stuff, mom."

She nodded in some sort of understand as her eyelids got heavier, "Of course, thank you hun. Just don't stay out that late next time."

You nodded feverously, "Yes, yes. I have to go out again tomorrow though, but I won't stay out that long I promise."
'At least I'll try not to,' You added mentally.

With another quick nod, you quickly shuffled away, trying not to make it look like you were sneaking away too quickly.

"Love you mom," You threw in before you ran up the stairs faster than when people turn off the light and make a run for it.

Quickly throwing your scooter to the corner of the room, you threw yourself on your bed and gave a heavy sigh.

You gave a shaky laugh, "Today... today was..." You tried to think of words to describe today. Crazy? Insane? Out of the ordinary?

No, today was way different than the norm of your terrible life, you had put yourself more out there than normally, and had acted more out of the ordinary than usual, so much that if your mom had been watching you, she would have denied that was you... but still, you had to admit...

"Today was nice," You mumbled before falling asleep.
Please leave me feedback on what you thought, or if I made a mistake, or if there'e something I should fix.

Wow I'm so sorry for the forever late update.
But hey, I hope I made up for it by the fact that this is about 4 times as long as a normal chapter, so hey, it's as if I updated four parts, kay???

I just didn't want to make more parts about the party ugh sorry for all the filler, I just don't want to make it seem like the reader is suddenly magically friends with them, and so future events are more realistic, you have to be better friends with them. Thus this whole party scene.

Ugh sorry if it's terrible ugh.
I dont even know anymore.


I dont even want to know why france had a dress in his closet okay i just no

Oh! And a special thanks to those who gave me ideas on what should happen, for telling me to have them teach the reader three different things, another for telling me to add Lovino, and another for saying a story wasn't complete without cheese spray. c;

Feel free to suggest things that you'd like to see in the story, and I'll see if I can add them if it doesn't affect the plot.

More chapters can be found here: [link]

Blah blah I dont own hetalia or you blah blah blah
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