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December 5, 2012
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Previously, it turns out that the BTT indeed had a party held at Francis's house, and looking for an explanation, you decide to head on in instead of just heading back home, since your grade was basically based on how well you did on that project. Having to go through a very drunk Arthur, getting harassed by a group of popular girls, and meeting Alfred, your day was getting hectic before you even found the bad touch trio...


You walked around a bit, it probably wasn't the largest kitchen in the world, but it was still surprised you with how vast the area seemed. One of the kitchen walls were knocked down, so that it led straight into what seemed like another guest room, making the space seem even larger, instead of closed walls which gave more of a sense of claustrophobia, to you at least. The dim lighting accompanied by the music muffled by the walls, and the bright lights that would flash every once in a while gave the room a bar-like feeling, especially since there was a counter where people were fetching their own drinks at. No one stayed too long there though, just grabbing something quick alcohol or something and leaving to go where most of the others were at, the main area with the dancing and deafening music.

But none of that interested you right now, not the dancing, or the music, or the drinks. You were here strictly for homework, it's not like you were invited to this party anyways.

'You don't belong here...' The voices of the girls from earlier rung through your head again, "They're just words..." You tried to convince yourself, "Of course I 'belong' here, they're the ones who invited me in the first place. It's not my fault they happened to be throwing a party too. Maybe... maybe they did it on purpose, maybe they wanted me to be at Alfred's party with them..." But as much as you tried, the things they told you before still stuck in your head. It didn't matter what others may believe, words hurt you more than you'd think reasonable, and the thought of them actually wanting you to party with them seemed completely unreasonable. Who would go to so much trouble to invite you to something so... fun?

You sighed and leaned against a wall. 'Yeah, they're right; I really shouldn't be here...' Your eyes trailed around to the faces of people walking by, all of them laughing and giggling. They were gossiping, and chatting, and knowing each other, and knowing what to do in this place, and where to go, and how to have fun. And then there was you, you who didn't know where to even start looking for the three.

'Heck, I haven't ever even been to a party before, too,' You thought sadly. It wasn't something to brag about, but it wasn't surprising to you. How could you go to a party if there were no friends to invite you? This was technically the first party you've been invited to, and you weren't even invited. Your eyebrows creased as you stared at the ground, as if there was an intricate puzzle there that had to be solved, though it really was just you zoning out, listening to the thoughts at the back of your mind that told you that everything you were doing was just a big mistake.

'I was mistaken, of course they don't want me here, the only reason Alfred didn't kick me out was probably because Francis invited me over. I bet the guy would have kicked me out just as quickly as he had those other girls, he didn't seem to have a problem doing that.' You inhaled a shaky breath, feeling your heart starting to race and your hands become clammy, even though you were just standing there, you started hyperventilating as you felt a panic attack going along. Why here of all places? You haven't had an attack for a while now, so why did you have to start receding into your head, into those thoughts in the first place? You knew how words and thoughts always ended freaking you out in the end.

"I never should have come here," You concluded with a whisper as you tried taking deep breaths to calm down. None of it was really working though. 'And this is why I don't come too close to others; somehow, I just get hurt in the end.' You thought, anger starting to seep in. But it wasn't the fact that you were panicking that was making you angry, it was that you couldn't get close to others without feeling like this in the long run. It was that you kept blaming others, when in reality, it was all you. It wasn't anyone else making you feel this way; no one really came up and told you those things. It was all just you and how you interpreted them.

The hardest part was that you understood that it was all just you, but even still, you felt so terribly dysfunctional and depressed. And knowing that no one was forcing you just made you more confused and even more miserable with yourself.

"Heyyyy, it's the frau! She really did come! Kesesese, see Francis, I won the bet, hand over my winnings!" You were rudely brought back to reality with the voice of Gilbert; his voice seeming to stand out from all the rest of the chattering that surrounded you. They waved as they started walking towards you, and you weren't sure then that if you were happy to see them, and happy that they brought you out of your thoughts, or if you were angry that they were interrupting your mental rant.

They walked towards you as you looked over them, they were all dressed up as if they were expecting a party in the first place, though the more you thought about it, you realized that those three seemed to always be dressed that way. It was as if they thought the world was going to spontaneously break out in some type of world-wide party, where everyone would just break out in song and dancing, and they would be completely prepared for it. You smiled at the thought of America shaking with the vibrations of everyone dancing simultaneously, oh how ridiculous that would be! And even though it looked like they had been partying for a while now, they still seemed as clean as before.

Especially Francis, you giggled as you saw that his hair was just as well tamed as it usually was, while Antonio's and Gilberts were nice looking in their own, messed up way. But then you reeled in your mind as you realized how much you had noticed about them in the little time you had met up with them. Just from what you knew now, you could probably assume that Francis held a comb on his person at all times, that Gilbert probably had the most unique laugh you had ever heard, and that Antonio was probably more caring and kind than what a lot of girls could ever hope to be. How could you have learned this much only from speaking to them, like, twice?

You were starting to sound like one of those boy-obsessed girls who always seemed to analyze everything about the guys around them. You had always found it ridiculous about how they could notice simple things like how many pairs of jeans a guy had, or if the guy had cut off half an inch of their hair or something, it had just seemed too absurd to bother paying heed to all those things... but here you were, doing the exact thing subconsciously with these three guys. How ironic.

Blinking rapidly as you backed away, Antonio stopped waving his hand in front of your face. "Haha, you're really dazed aren't you, __________?" The three of them were standing around you now, probably wondering why you had gotten so silent. You were thankful at this moment that you weren't the more talkative type, at least to them, or else your silence would have been even more awkward than what it already was.

"Oh, haha, sorry," You laughed, trying to hide your nervousness of being here, "But um, what's going on Francis?" Turning to give as serious a look as you could muster, you asked, "Weren't we going to study? I mean, my grade relies on this, and-and we can't procrastinate. I don't want to leave this to the last minute, and I don't know if I'll have more time to get together to work with you guys again, I really only had today, and then I came here and there was all this, and Arthur was at the door (which by the way Francis, he seems like one crazy house mate), and I don't even know what that was about, but I made it in still and then those girls coming up to me..." You thought about those girls and things they had told you again.

"Whoa whoa whoa, calm down, s'il vous plait!" Francis cried out, grabbing at your arm, "No need to get so antsy, ma Cherie," You hadn't realized that you had been subconsciously scratching at your arm through your jacket in the first place, until Francis had grabbed it. And that scared you.

"Francis didn't even know that there was going to be a party here," Gilbert tried explaining, draping an arm around your shoulders and pulling you towards the bar counter, Francis and Antonio following and nodding along to what Gilbert said, "Like Francis said, he thought that Arthur was going to hang out with Alfred today, but it seems like when Alfred came over, Arthur seemed a bit tense, so he decided to throw a party for him to calm down." He said that as if it was something normal, for someone to throw a party for another just because they seemed a bit 'tense.' You'd be partying non-stop if that was in your case.

You all sat down on some barstools, "So we're sorry that we aren't able to work today," Antonio said, genuinely sounding upset, and mimicking the tone of what the other two's faces told you.

You shook your head, "No, no you're alright." It really wasn't their fault, so it didn't matter anymore. You smirked at them though, saying, "So you didn't actually plan out a sneaky party to sneakily try inviting yours truly over?" You swear you could have choked on all the cockiness your tone held in that last sentence.

"No no no no, don't worry, we certainly didn't trick you into something like that," They all laughed cheerfully, "We really were going to work today, we swear, if we knew there was going to be a party like this, we would have rescheduled it! Sorry to be a bother to you," Antonio apologized for the group again, something that seemed like his specialty.

You laughed along of course, but still felt your stomach drop a bit. They obviously didn't mean to be rude, but some small part of you had actually hoped that they would have actually invited you over, like the sneaky tricksters they were, to a party like this. But that was just setting your hopes too high, you were just a classmate they got partnered up with. Nothing more.

"No, no, you're fine." You assured them, you were a bit disheartened now, but you didn't let it show, "Well, I'll be off now. No need for me to keep imposing your party, we can just reschedule working on the project later, I guess." You moved to stand up, but they stopped you.

"Wait a second frau, how about we just study at my house next time?" You looked at Gilbert hesitantly, after what happened today, you weren't too sure... "Don't worry, ____________, mein bruder would kill me if I tried to host a party, so there's no worries about that happening!" Francis and Antonio chuckled along with Gilbert, all three of them remembering Gilberts brother, "He's totally such a pain in the ass, he's just the biggest neat freak I know!" Gilberts eyes seemed to twinkle mischeviously as he spoke, "He will make sure we don't get off track, so we can get the stupid project over with. And we can just go after school tomorrow,"

He looked around at everyone, "Don't worry about it, I'll drive us. I live pretty close to the school anyways." He listed his address off for you, and you almost hesitated at the thought of him taking you there. Him taking you somewhere meant that he would have to drop you off too. And you didn't want them dropping you off at all. But the address he gave sounded close enough for you to walk home, so you agreed.

He seemed like he would have continued talking, but you interrupted him. It wasn't late at all, but you still didn't feel like overstaying your welcome here right now, you felt uncomfortable being at someone else's house anyways, "Um, well, sure Gilbert. Anways, I'll see you guys later!" You waved and stood up to leave again when they stopped you once more.

"Slow downnnn," Francis complained, "Don't be in such a hurry, I don't see why you are, you're here anyways, so why don't you just stay?"

"Pleaseeeeeee," Antonio pleaded, "Pretty please with a cherry tomato on top?"

You shook your head, "No, I really should be going..."

Gilbert grabbed your chin with his hand and suddenly your eyes were staring straight into his striking red ones, you never really realized how unnatural they were. They just seemed so accepted on his face, his red eyes and his white hair... but now was not the time to think about this. He face was close, just a little more than wayyyy too close for comfort. "Please please please please please please, stay for the party with us?"

You felt your cheeks head up in his hand as you heard the rest of the trio snickering at this little scene. Snapping out of your daze you pulled away and huffed lightly, "Fine. If you really want me to." You couldn't help but let a little grin flash on your face as you realized someone wanted you to actually 'hang out' with them.

"Yay!!" They all cheered happily.

You shook your head as you giggled, 'I guess they're a little more drunk than what they let on. Not as much as Arthur... but certainly still drunk.' You used their drunkness to explain their odd behavior. Your mom always acted weird when she came home from a bar, so why not them?

"Have you guys been drinking?" You asked lightly, feeling slightly more comfortable knowing that they didn't mind you being here.

They looked at on another, stifling laughter, "Of course we have, what type of party would it be if we didn't drink anything!" Antonio stated, as if it was an obvious face everyone knew about.

"Oh..." You said, a bit confused and embarrassed. It wasn't like you would know, considering your lack of knowledge, "Well sorry for my idiotic-ness, I wouldn't know about this stuff. I've never been to a party before, how would I know what to do!"

That's when it seemed like everything just stopped. The trio had frozen and stared at you as if you grew a third head. "Y-You have never been to a party before?" Francis restated, sounding like he was either very surprised, or very terrified, as if the possibility of a teenager who had never partied was impossible.

You cringed at their responses, "Oh yeah... right. I... don't really get out much."

After a few more awkward stares at you, Gilbert chuckled, "Well then, we'll just have to fix that now, don't we." He smirked cockily towards Antonio and Francis, a silent agreement flashing on their faces.

"Out, ma Cherie, it seems like we're going to have to show just what it's like to have fun at the part with the Bad Touch Trio!" Francis said as he stood up dramatically.

Antonio cheered, feeling more pumped now that they seemed to have a 'goal' in mind for tonight. "You'll see, partying is a lot of fun chica!"

You shook your head at their silliness, well, if this is what they really wanted, you weren't going to object to having fun for once in your life. "Fine," You said as you grinned at them, "Show me what you've got."
Oh my god I'm so sorry. This is definitely taking longer than it should, I swear this party will never be over XD I can't beleive that I was planning to write about your time at the party in one part, now it's going to be three! Psh wow!

& um, sorry if it seems like one chara of the trio is having more attention than the rest, i try having them all speak equally cx
Though I did promise a friend that I would have more prussia in this one for them kesesese

I seriously knew someone who would memorize what types and how many pants everyone had btw XD It was insane, but they said they did it to exercise their mind so that they would have less of a risk of alzheimers when they grew up.
But rlly, try it sometime. Go forth and memorize peoples jeansssss~ c:<<

& chocking on your cockiness... oh my god I couldn’t stop laughing at that sentence you don’t even know


And feel free to keep suggest what fun the btt should have with the reader, and i'll try adding it in if it doesn't effect the plot!!

More chapters can be found here: [link]

Blah blah I dont own hetalia or you blah blah blah
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