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November 12, 2012
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The reader had a flashback of her time with the nurse, realizing that she couldn't remember who had shoved her in the locker earlier, and going back home without a word.

Francis ran a comb through his hair as he spoke to Gilbert and Antonio, who were also busy getting ready for school today. The other day, they had decided upon sleeping over at Antonio's house, since out of the three of them, it was the house that had the least amount of people coming through; and they didn't want to have to deal with others at the moment, they needed some time to talk over the incident that had occurred.

"Who knew zhat things like that happened at our awesome school?" Prussia pouted, it had never really occurred to the trio that there were people bullied on a daily basis at their school, and sure they knew it happened, but it was a whole different situation actually seeing the outcomes of it firsthand.

They were pretty popular and well known at the school, so no one bothered them, at least not in that way, since they knew how to fend for themselves for the most part in a fist fight; it's not like they were a bunch of wimps.

But the thought of people beating up a girl who couldn't really defend herself bothered them. A lot.

"I hope zhat she is alright, my beautiful hair cannot handle any more of zhis stress!" He stared at the mirror disapprovingly as he flipped a lock of hair over his shoulder dramatically, "Just look at it! It's frizzing with all of zhe running thoughts in my head!!"

Prussia pushed him away as he took his turn at the mirror, giving his clothes a look over as he made sure that nothing was wrong with the outfit. "Maybe we're just overreacting about all zhis, right? I mean, yay we saved her, but the frau is probably fine on her own, she's pretty strong..."

Antonio huffed and lied back onto his bed. "We found the chica in a locker, Gilbert. A locker." He murmured solemnly, sounding more like he was talking to himself rather than his two friends. "That's not normal. Even if we aren't her friends, the least we can do is check up on her. It's the right thing to do."

Francis sat next to his friend on the bed, "Oui, it'll make me feel much better if we at least make sure zhat she's alright. Then we can leave 'er be, she probably doesn't need us three bothering 'er more than we already are...."

Prussia nodded; so they had finally reached a conclusion of what they were going to do. They didn't really know her, other than that short meeting from so long ago, so they didn't want to creep her out any more than what they probably already did. Sure, they worried about her; I mean, it's not every day you find someone beaten until unconsciousness in a locker, anyone would want to make sure that the person was okay. But they decided to leave it at that. "We'll just see how she's doing this morning, und leave her alone after zhat..." Prussia said.

~ ~ ~

You had managed to avoid your mother this morning, which wasn't very hard, considering that she was still asleep at the time you woke up. You had slipped easily out of the house undetected, and were almost at the school now.

Stretching your sore limbs, you turned the corner to your school, ready to get another day over with. Your eyes planted to the ground, you walked as slow as you possibly could; getting to class early could give other students chances to hurt you, or at least, that's what your mind kept telling you, and you didn't want to bother testing if that was true or not. Might as well stay out of as much trouble as possible for now

Your thoughts stopped as you accidentally ran into someone. Murmuring a 'sorry', you moved to the side to continue walking, but the person moved along with you, blocking your path.

You curiously looked up, your eyes meeting with a pair covered in sunglasses, "Nice seeing you again." He smirked.

You gave him a confused look, you hadn't met this person in your life. Maybe you had just forgotten them? You stepped back and cocked your head to the side in confusion.

The boy stared back, his confident smirk fading into a scowl, "What is it?" He grumbled. This wasn't the reaction he had expected, he had been hoping for more of a reaction. Like a scared face accompanied with pleads of 'Don't hurt me again!' or 'Ahhhhh!!!' or something else he'd find equally as weak; something he'd expect from one of his victims. But this was different. This person seemed.... confused?

"Um. Have we met before? I-I'm so sorry, I can't remember you..." You said all of this quickly and avoiding his gaze, your soft voice full of shame of not remembering who this stranger was; you didn't want to offend anyone just because of your memory failing you!

'Cant remember me?' He thought, he squinted his eyes and leaned his face closer to the girl, staring her right in the eye, he saw her flinch while he said, "You can't remember me?"

You shook you head side to side quickly, "I'm so sorry, I usually remember people's faces easily!" You remembered that the nurse had mentioned that you had hit your head a bit hard, what if you had forgotten more than just what had happened during that fight? What if you had forgotten others faces and names too? "I got hit in the head yesterday, and I guess that I can't remember as much as I thought I did!"

You were startled as the boy stood straight up and started chuckling, his chuckles turning into a loud laughter.

'How long has it been since I've laughed this much?' he thought to himself, as the chuckles came uncontrollably. This was rich. This. Was. Soooo rich. What were the chances that she wouldn't remember who beat her up? He had come over to her when he saw her so that he could roughen her up a bit, play around, and tell her that if she told anyone that he beat her up, that he'd make sure she'd regret it.

But it didn't seem like there would be a need to do so anymore. He stopped his laughing and grinned, it seemed like things were turning out alright for once in his not so perfect life. He gave one last hearty chuckle, ignoring the very confused stare you were giving him, and ruffled some of your hair, "Don't worry about it, hun, I'm just an acquaintance of yours. I believe we met only for a few minutes, anyways, so it's no problem if ya don't remember me. Hell, I don't think I even remember yours.... what is it again, doll face?"
You weren't used to the unusual pet names he was using on you, and you didn't really understand why anyone would bother holding a conversation with you, and the fact that he touched you..... heck, it took a while for you to process everything at the moment, it was a bit of an overload.

You snapped back to reality and realized that he was waiting for a reply, ignoring his amused smirk, you said, "Uhm... I-I'm ___________..."

"Oh! ___________! I think I remember now!" He said, though you didn't notice the sarcasm lacing his words, "Pleased to meet ya, I'm Alfred, though I go by Al." His eyes darkened for a moment as he growled out, "DO NOT even think about calling me Alfred." But he composed himself so quickly, that you started to doubt if that moment of darkness had even occurred. Al cursed in his mind, he hadn't meant to lose his composure for that moment, but that name really bugged him; his full name.

Yeah, he was a bully, and sure, he was a threat and a problem to others, but people knew him as that not only because of his ability to handle a weapon, but by his ability to manipulate others to his needs. That was what he was trying to do now, it was best that he didn't trigger something in the girl to remember what he had done to her, he was already in a ton of trouble with the authorities and the school, and one more thing would certainly set them off. He had to lie low for the time being, and if acting composed in front of this girl would assure that, then that's what he would do.

You nodded silently before starting to shuffle off again, "It was nice to meet you Al...." You mumbled, still feeling uncomfortable in this situation you were placed in.

Noticing your discomfort and relishing in it, Al grinned dangerously before moving out of your way and leaving, "Later."

~ ~ ~

You had barely walked up to the schools entrance when you noticed more footsteps heading your way. You let out a light sigh as you raised your head, what was wrong with people today, it's like they suddenly decided to notice you, and even though that was a dream of yours, it was kind of putting you off, especially after the things that had occurred the other day.

"Hallo again frau!" you heard Gilberts cheery voice ring through the air as you had looked up to see that the trio was standing before you.

Deciding that this day had enough talking as it is, you just nodded politely and tried to get to class.

Francis frowned lightly, looking over to his friends before he reached over to you and stopped you be grabbing your shoulder and turning you around to face them again. "Mademoiselle, we simply wanted to make sure zhat you were doing okay today..."

"Yeah, chica, you gave us quite a scare the other day!" Antonio piped in, rubbing at the back of his neck anxiously, even though a usual smile was on his face.

You didn't want to worry them anymore than what they already felt, especially since you didn't want them to start prying around, since you felt that it would eventually lead them to your situation at home and your depression, so you tried to place a smile on your face and said, "Of course, it was just a minor scrape after all," You ignored their frowns as you raised a hand to your beaten eye. Even though it was a bit blue, it wasn't nearly as swollen as it had been the other day, "I'll be fine, don't worry about me!" You tried to sound as cheerful and confident as Antonio did, and it seemed to convince them enough.

The trio looked hesitant, but could tell that you didn't want their attention. "At least let us walk you to class, okay?" Prussia asked in a tone that made it feel more like he was ordering you to go with them instead of you having a choice in the matter.

You frowned and were about to decline, it was enough being saved by them, nevertheless having the eyes of everyone on you as you walked with them, they were well known and you didn't know if you could handle the stares of others-

"Pleaseeeee," Antonio begged, putting on his best puppy face on. He could see what Prussia was trying to do, that walking her to class would be their last deed to her for the time being before they would back off and leave her alone again.

You sighed compliantly and slowly shook your head to say no, but when the bell rang, indicating that there were only a few minutes left to get to class, you changed your mind. "Fine, fine, I'll go with you guys..."

You all had history as your first class, so it wasn't a problem for them to walk with you....

But the attention you'd get....

You tried your best not to think about it for now, after all, it was just a walk to class, it's not like you were standing on a stage or something...

The trio squealed in happiness, expecting you to have rejected them. You all started to hurry to your class, with you escorted by three of some of the most well-known boys in the school.

That's when the attention and whispering began. When they finally noticed you.

It would start with the student waving at one of the members of the trio, until they noticed you. Then they would just stare at you in awe, not understanding your presence.

"What's 'she' doing with 'them'?"
"No way they'd hang out with 'her'!"

You tried to block out the whispering from surrounding students, like what the boys were doing as the pushed and joked with one another, but it was difficult for you.

"Hah, I bet they're just using her."
"Yeah, why else would 'that' trio have her with them."
"Definitely, that's really the only reason they'd have her with them-"

You blinked tears away as the already forming rumors got worse and worse. People were thinking that you were some sort of... slut? A whore? You didn't care anymore. All you knew was that this was the last time you tried doing something so bold, something such as being around the three.

You had to make as much distance from them as possible, just like before.

A waved in front of your face before you noticed that you had stopped walking since you had reached the class. Waving his hand a few more times for good measure, Antonio said, "Are you okay? You kinda zoned out for a while there..."

You put on a fake grin and nodded, not having the strength to say anything. You quickly entered the class and rushed over to your seat. Prussia started walking towards your seat again, the other two following behind, not liking that you had just brushed them off, but when the bell rang and the teacher told everyone to get to their seats, they decided to just give up and go back to their seats. The trio weren't used to chasing after girls, they were used to them coming to them, and chasing after you was getting tiring to them. If you didn't want them, then they weren't going to bother anymore.
It was clear that you were not interested.

~ ~ ~

You had managed to zone out through the class again, history was usually interesting to you, but you had other things to think about at the moment.

You heard the class groan, so you decided to tune into what the teacher was saying again.

"Yes, yes, I know that projects aren't fun if you can't choose your partners... but I believe that it's for the best... especially since we're going to be in groups of four..." His eyes shot to the trio. You could tell that he was doing this for their sake, see, they were always paired up, picking partners or not, they surprisingly did best when they were paired together. And considering that this was supposed to be four partnered.... that left a bunch of jealous girls that would be fighting to get a spot as the last member of their group.

That was why the teacher had decided to choose partners for them, so that there wouldn't be as much arguing as if he let them choose themselves.

You shrugged and zoned out again. It didn't really concern you, if girls wanted to pay close attention to see if they were the 'lucky' girl to get paired up with the trio, they could. You would just ask the teacher who was in your group again before you left class.

You were fiddling with a piece of your hair when the class gasped in what sounded like disappointment, so you assumed that the teacher had partnered up the trio now.
.... just in time for the bell indicating the end of class to ring.

Everyone dispersed, moans and groans sounding as you walked up to the teacher to ask him about who you had been partnered up with for this group project.

He pushed a pair of glasses up disapprovingly, not liking that you hadn't been paying attention in class, "I'm surprised that you don't know who your partners are...."

Your face twisted into confusion, "What do you mean by that?"
You hoped that he wasn't going to give you a lecture on how you should pay more attention in your classes.

"Well... you're partnered up with Gilbert, Francis, and Antonio..."
So, i've counted about 12 parts, more or less for this fanfiction XD Oh gosh.

Feel free to give me suggestions, I'll do them if it doesnt alter the plot; as well as commenting on your thoughts XD

I've been trying to update at least once a week... but i'm failling ;o; Forgive meeee~

I'm really not liking this chapter. At all. :l
Soooo much writers block!!
Like, I feel like I sped through it an stuffs.... blah ;o;

Well, hope you all enjoyed!!


More chapters can be found here: [link]

Blah blah I dont own hetalia or you blah blah blah
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