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April 24, 2013
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A/n: Oh, in case you guys hadn’t picked this up before, “...” quotes mean speaking while ‘...’ mean thinking. Just clarifying that for you all. ^^;

Previously, your mother caught the BTT as they were about to leave your house, and quickly dismissed them. When they left, it wasn’t until they were halfway back home when they realized that you were that special little someone who they had made a bet to befriend all those years ago with your mother. So going back and reminding your mom, they were finally able to kidnap you take you away from the place you had suffered at for so long.



You moaned tiredly as you felt yourself waking up from a long nights rest, shifting a bit in bed you thought, ‘Definitely my least favourite thing to do... I feel like I could lie here and stay asleep all day and I’d be totally fine with that.’ Needless to say, waking up was not something you enjoyed doing, really, especially on weekends. You know, since you found that the weekend was a time for sleeping in: And with the fact that the longer you spent sleeping, the longer you were able to avoid your mom and her wrath. With a sigh you burrowed into the soft, fluffy sheets of the bed and pulled the comforter closer around you.

Or at least, you tried to. Eyebrows creased and you tugged on the blanket some more... but it didn’t budge. ‘This is taking way too much effort than it’s supposed to,’ you made the connection in your mind, and slowly pulled yourself up into a sitting position, stretching your arms and yawning and trying to see through your tired eyes- rubbing them awake.

It was still dark in the room: at least it wasn’t bright enough for you to see too much, though you could make out some outlines. And this most definitely was not your room. Your room wasn’t this large: Not that this room was very big, but you could tell that there was definitely more space than in your own. Your room didn’t have a window to be able to see out, your room didn’t have that dresser or that desk or that rug, your room didn’t have a door there, your room didn’t have clothes and books scattered on the floor, your room didn’t have a queen sized bed. Heck, your room couldn’t even really fit a queen sized bed in there if you wanted to be able to walk around freely.

You stopped stretching and looked around confused- you could feel your heart beating faster and you were positively more awake now than before. What is going on here? You tried to remember what happened yesterday for you to get into this predicament. Huffing and lying back against the bed, all you could remember was the trio leaving your house and your mom getting angry at you. Everything else was a blur of hugs and faint talking and bets and car rides.

But that explained nothing.

You scratched at your head and decided not to worry about it now, now the thought of getting up and investigating didn’t really appeal to you as much staying in bed. Obviously, your mind was still hazy- had you been thinking right now, you would have been more worried about your safety and more willing to find your way out of here. But you weren’t. So shuffling deeper into the covers and getting ready for more sleep and-

What. Was. That.

You had almost forgotten that the blanket hadn’t moved earlier, so you had decided to slide in more instead of pulling it closer... but... you felt something? Your hand poked at it from under the covers. It was set on top of the blankets, which was why you weren’t able to pull them earlier, ‘It must be pretty heavy if I’m not able to pull the blanket from under it.

Whatever it was.

You swiftly turned onto your side in its direction, but you couldn’t really make out the outline... was that? No. It couldn’t be. You pulled the hand that was poking it out from under the covers and stretched it out and you absolutely could tell what the thing was now. No, not really something, but someone.

You pulled your hand back as the person shifted and you screamed.

“Eh?” you thought the person was starting to wake up but instead they just rolled over and draped an arm around you. You were grateful that whoever it was wasn’t under the covers with you- heck you’d never even had a guy sleeping on the same bed as you like this.

‘O-Okay,’ you thought nervously, too in shock to decide what to do, ‘Reality check. I wake up, in a new room, lying next to some guy who has no respect for personal boundaries. What is happening??

“Get off of me! Get off of me!” You said shrilly as you pushed the arm away.

“What’s wrong,” the voice mumbled, sounding nowhere near familiar to you.

He pulled his arm back as you scrambled away, almost falling off of the bed. The guy, you could tell it was a guy since the hair you had touched earlier felt short and well, obviously, he sounded like a guy, pulled himself onto an elbow as he started waking up. Rubbing at his eyes and yawning and all of those little things people do when they wake up from a night of rest.

But that really didn’t matter to you.  

You were now standing next to the bed and looking for a light to turn on and the first source of light you noticed just happened to be the lamp set next to the bed. It took a second to adjust to the light but when you could finally see, you quickly turned to see...


“Yeah, ________?” he said calmly, completely awake now and stretching the night aches away.

You couldn’t help but stare at him in shock as he slid off the bed and made his way around the bed to turn on the light. Of all the people it could have been, it just had to be Antonio? You weren’t sure whether you were surprised or whether you were a little expectant of this... whatever this was.

‘What is this?’ you thought, still confused as to why you were here and not back at home.

“Did you sleep well?” He asked. You looked over to him and noticed that he was watching you with that smile that seemed to be permanently etched on his face, the one that was normally contagious to those around him. Normally, if you hadn’t been so alarmed.

“Sleep well?” You stuttered on your words, of all the things he could ask you about, he was asking about whether you slept well? “Yeah I did- but what am I doing here Antonio?” You shook your head when you quickly answered his question before jutting your own out there.


“Exactly. What am I doing here?”

He didn’t really react as you expected and just laughed happily, “You’re at my house!” It got awkward as his laughing died down and he noticed that you weren’t laughing along with him, “You don’t remember?”

You shook your head.

“Oh.” He looked apprehensive and started to explain.

He wasn’t sure whether Francis or Gilbert would want to be there when you were told of what happened, but he figured that it would be best to just tell you everything now and not waste any time later. He was planning to be busy having fun with his friends this summer, so the less time wasted now meant more time to hang around later.

So he told you everything. He told you about how they had almost driven halfway home before remembering something important. He told you what that something important was: that they had met your mom back in what felt like forever ago and made a bet that they’d befriend you and bring you home. He told you that they had come back to your house and saved you from a beating.

He told you they had taken you home.

“And that’s what you’re doing at my house now!” He ended cheerfully.

Silence befell the room as everything sunk in.

“So... you kidnapped me?” You chuckled at the thought and at Antonio’s bewildered face.

He shook his head quickly, “No, it’s not like that at all!”

You continued laughing as you walked towards the door, opting to get some breakfast. It didn’t really bother you that you were staying here for the time being, you knew that you’d have to talk with the trio about what was to happen with you later, but until then you were going to enjoy your stay.

“It’s fine Antonio, really,” you turned to face him, standing a few steps away from him and much closer to each other than before when you were on the opposite end of the room. He stood staring at you for a moment and after an awkward silence you playfully asked, “Well? Are we going to stand here all day or are we going to get something to eat?”

“Oh yeah!” He jumped and made his way to the door, passing you and opening the door. He moved out of the way and held the door for you, dramatically waving a hand motioning for you to go out, “Ladies first!~”

A dramatic curtsy was returned to him and you walked out the door, “Thank you my good sir!~”
And you both made your way down the hallway towards what you assumed was the kitchen, you were just following Antonio really, it wasn’t like you exactly remembered what the small apartment looked like from last night. It’s a bit difficult to remember things when you’re passed out.

A thought came back into your mind as you both entered the kitchen, him going to the fridge to get some food and you sitting down at a counter, “Hey Antonio?”

His eyes flashed to you for a while, not wanting to spill any milk he was currently pouring into a cup, but just enough for you to know that you were paying attention, “Yes ___________?”

“Why were you sleeping next to me anyways?” you asked a bit suspiciously.

He shrugged like it was normal and chuckled. He passed you the glass of milk and said, “You were cold.”

“That’s ridiculous,” you countered, but didn’t argue any further.

He sensed that you were doubtful, considering the roll of your eyes and the rest of your body language that clearly rejected his excuse, “No really! You looked so lonely and it always gets cold at my house at night and the couch is so uncomfortable to sleep on anyways.”

You smirked at him, tauntingly.

“And I didn’t get under the covers with you!” He stated as if it was his greatest accomplishment- Which, you thought, actually might be for all you knew.

“Antonio. It’s almost the summer. You can’t use that excuse in this case...”

He suddenly smiled, “Actually, it is the summer!”


You looked at him questioningly, because you still had another day of school. You still had to go to school and give your teacher the completed project today if you wanted to past the class tomorrow... but that was yesterday... Which means that you were supposed to go to school today- and yet here you are, eating breakfast with Antonio? You eyed the clock on the oven, which taunted you by showing that it was an hour after noon. School was more than halfway over, the last day of school. Today. And you were sitting here.

The project.

You shot out of your seat frantically, “But what about the project Tony? You know, t-the one that my grade is basically depending on?” You huffed anxiously as you made your resolve, “That’s it. I’ve got to go there now... I’ve got to get the project to him... I’ve got to-“

Antonio gently set a hand on your shoulder and stopped your frantic onslaught of words, “You don’t have to worry about that. No one’s going to miss us on the last day of school and the other two are turning in the project for us.”  You had stopped to listen to him, “And they’ll be coming over here first thing after school.”

He didn’t have to explain who the ‘other two’ were; it was terribly obvious he was referring to Francis and Gilbert.

You sighed and nodded, relaxing under his hold, “Thank you, Antonio.”

He smiled understandingly back, “It’s nothing, really. It was the least we could do.”

You both sat back at the counter to finish breakfast, calm silence fell alongside the dust- now visible due to the rays of light shining through a window.

No words were shared to interrupt the calm atmosphere, everything silent except for the light clinking of spoons against bowls.

The day was spent with you and Antonio dawdling around the house as you waited for the school day to end. You would have thought that he’d start to get bored with you after a while of waiting- that you would have run out of things to do, but you both had managed to stay entertained. It amazed you how many things one could do to pass the time and you had to admit that you were grateful for that.

He had shown you around his small apartment, most of it packed away in boxes, because he reminded you that he was moving into a dorm with the other two when the school year was over. Or at least that had been what their original plan was until you came along... “Don’t worry, we’ll talk more about it later today.” He said, and “No, you’re not inconveniencing us, you’re alright!”

And the topic was left at that.

After showing you around, you both had went outside for a walk, then settled in his backyard to help him pick out weeds in the garden- as he explained that he not only grew tomatoes but a variety of vegetables ranging from carrots to potatoes, and then went back inside to play a game or two of cards.

Feeling a bit exhausted, you both had sat side by side on the couch to watch television, flipping from channel to channel as he searched for one of his liking. He stumbled upon one of your favourite shows and you couldn’t help but shout out for him to stop. Yet he kept going as if you hadn’t uttered a word.

“Antonio?” He kept on flipping through the channels with an almost bored expression, he was slouched next to you on the couch as he leaned on one hand- the other obviously operating the remote. You sighed and went along with it, thinking that maybe he was searching for something specific to watch with you, but he didn’t stop. He just. Kept. Switching. Channels.

And it was getting a bit on your nerves so you turned to him again, waving a hand in front of his face this time in hopes of capturing his attention, “Yoohoo.... Antonio...”

No reply.
Blank expression.
Channel flipping.

He yawned and your frowned deepened; it was almost like he was ignoring you, but you had been on fine terms before? What was he up to? Turning your attention to the TV again you saw him finally stop at a channel- and you didn’t care what the channel was about, you were just grateful that he had finally stopped the random flipping and a smile flickered on your face.


Flickered, as in one moment you were smiling and the next you huffing at Antonio’s behavior. He had started changing the channels. Again! You quickly twisted to face him with a what-the-heck-is-going-on look; he was getting on your nerves and... oh. He was smirking.

Of course he was smirking. He was teasing you? That’s what you assumed at least, since that was the exact look he had on when he was surrounded by his other companions, the look he gave when they had done something hilariously sly. His expression flitted from blank to devious as he struggled not to give himself away.

How did you miss it before? The strain to keep a straight face was terribly obvious to you now.

You couldn’t help it as your frown slowly stretched into a smile, shaking your head in disbelief, “I can’t believe you!” You gave him a playful push and his resolve broke- laughing himself breathless at how he had managed to stir up your emotions. He could barely defend himself as you threw a pillow at him, hoping that he’d stop his laughing- and that ended up turning into a small pillow fight and almost escalated into a full out war.

*Ding Dong*


At the sound of the tell-tale noise, Antonio quickly turned to you and loudly whispered, “Act casual!” And with that you both scattered.

Both of you were still smiling mischievously and breathing hard from the past fight, though trying to hide it, as Gilbert and  Francis entered the living room: they too were laughing from whatever conversation they were having and you wondered if these three did anything else but be happy.

Their conversation died off as they saw you two; Antonio had ‘casually’ lied down on his side on the floor, an arm holding his head up, almost in a paint-me-like-a-french-lady style, while you had dramatically slouched on the couch. And you were both staring intently at the TV, on the last channel you both had managed to stop on- an infomercial.

“Do you have difficulty staying warm in the winter?” A woman’s voice asked as it showed various people dramatically shivering, one of them somehow managing to harshly poke her eye in an attempt to stay warm.

The two shared a look as they sat down, Francis asking, “Uh. You guys doing okay?”

“Oh you know, same old same old,” Antonio replied cooly as you stifled a giggle with a nod.

There was a short silence, no other sounds in the room than that of the television, as someone thought of something to say. Eventually, Gilbert made the effort to clear his throat, asking, “Sooo, why exactly are we watching an infomercial?”

And that was all it took to get you and Antonio to burst out in laughter.

Francis couldn’t help but feel a smile tug at his face, “You two act just like children.”


After taking some time to tell you about what happened at school- which actually turned out to be nothing of much importance to you. They turned in the project, said goodbye to some of the classmates they didn’t think they’d see again after graduation, and flirted with some girls. Same old same old.

Francis went on to tell a story about this one lovely individual that started flirting heavily with him, saying things about how ‘they’re meant for each other’ and how she would ‘do anything for him’.

“The crazy thing is,” Gilbert said as he leaned in and harshly whispered, “She already has a boyfriend!”

Antonio scoffed at the antic and you mimicked him. ‘Well, that’s enough drama for me today,’ you thought to yourself solemnly. Solemnly? Why were you upset about something like this? Either way, you didn’t need to hear about this part of their day, so you zoned out.

Eventually that conversation dwindled away from that topic and you listened in when they mentioned your mom. They explained to you what happened, telling you of how they remembered meeting your mom in the past and about how rude she was; they told you of how they came back to your house to find you crying and your mother screaming.

They told you of how they took you away.

You were grateful to understand what had happened now, but there were some loopholes in the story. You didn’t understand why your mom agreed or why they came back for you, but you weren’t one to pressure for more information.

The trio hadn’t told you about the bet, you see, they had decided to leave that part out. It was just that they didn’t want you to think that the only reason they were friends with you was because of a silly deal, when you were so much more to them.

“So now you don’t have to go back to your mom anymore!” Antonio stated.

You wouldn’t have to go back home anymore?
Where would you go now?

You had been planning to move out anyhow, yes, but you weren’t prepared for that now! You still had to find a job to pay for the rent and food and... what was going to happen to your mom? Sure she wasn’t the kindest mother out there now but you knew that she once had the best intentions for you-

“______, ________!” your rambling was cut short by Gilbert and you looked up at him as your voice died down.

‘When had you started speaking that out loud??’

“There’s no need to stress,” he assured you, his comforting red eyes looking at you. Heck, they all were looking at you with such kind expressions- ones you never would have dreamed of being on the receiving end of before.

“But... I would be asking for too much if I stayed at Antonio’s!” you protested, if you were going to stay somewhere other than your home, you were going to earn your keep, “He’s moving out with you three anyways, and I need a job to-“

You were silented when Francis waved a hand and stated, “Oh please Cherie, stop with all the rambling! Is so unattractive to go on about things that do not need worrying about. See, that’s why we’re all here; to talk about what you want to do.” He shared a glance with his other male friends, waiting for their nods telling him to carry on, “We had an idea of what to do though. The place we were looking at just now is awfully large...”

Gilbert let out a dramatic sigh, “An extra room, you see.”

“It would cost too much for us to pay for alone, too,” Antonio joined in, “If only we could fine another awesome dorm mate to stay with us...”

Oh now they were just getting ridiculous, all of them were smirking expectantly at you and you huffed out a small laugh after a short moment, “You guys aren’t subtle in the least.”

“Is that a yes?” Francis quickly asked, as if he expected you to reject them.  He started batting his lashes very quickly and slowly leaned towards you chanting, “Please please please-“

And you couldn’t help but let out a stream of giggles at his ministrations, nodding as you brought your hands to push Francis away, “Stop... stop Francis! Of course I will.”
Smiles where shared throughout the room and you felt a warmth spread through you- a feeling you hadn’t experienced since your father was alive.

“And you don’t have to worry about your mom, she’s done fine on her own so far, I’m that she’ll be fine with you living on your own,” the mood changed when Antonio mentioned your mom, your smile flat lining, “You were planning to move out anyways?”

“I don’t see why you care about what happens to her anyways,” grumbled Gilbert, “I mean, I know she’s your mom and everything, but after all she put you through...”

You suddenly took defense and retorted, “Exactly. She’s my mom. I still love her despite...” you didn’t know how to put your thoughts to words. Heck, you weren’t sure if you wanted to. “Besides, I don’t really blame her.”

They looked at you sympathetically and Francis asked, “What do you mean you don’t blame her?
“It’s not your fault,” Antonio pointed out as Gilbert agreed.

You shook your head, thinking of how to explain. You knew it wasn’t your fault, but you couldn’t bring yourself to place the blame on your mother either. It wasn’t her fault. Could you blame it on your dad? For dying? Or blame it on those boys for being careless and needing to be saved? That was it though. It wasn’t anyone’s fault that things were the way they were, you had long stopped searching for someone to take the blame and just accepted things as they came.

But how were you to explain that? You weren’t sure they’d understand, it still confused even you after all. You would have to tell them about what happened with your father for them to possibly comprehend, and while you may have been hesitant on telling them this before, they had definitely proven themselves as trustworthy friends...
So you opened your mouth to tell them the story, when you all heard a thumping noise. Someone was at the door.


“Oh!  That must be...” Antonio leapt up to get the door as you all shared puzzled looks with each other; his last words had been lost in his rush to the door. It wasn’t until the two guests walked in that you all stood to greet them. Francis flashed that smile, “Oh Arthur! Long time no see, non? “

Arthur gave him a small scowl, “I just saw you at you school... and we live together...”

Before any other quips could be sent back, the other person interrupted- and you recognized him as Alfred, “We brought the things! Just like you asked!” He gave you a playful nudge, “We’ve got you covered dude.”

Okay. Now you were just puzzled. Everyone seemed to be in on what he was talking about, since they all nodded in understand, leaving you to understand what was happening. “What do you mean?”

“Huh?” Alfred asked, and seeing your baffled expression he said, “No one told you?”

You shook your head.

“Well, Francis gave Arthur a call and asked him to pick up your stuff from your mom’s house, which is really weird by the way; he could have called me first. I don’t see how he expected Arthur to pick up anything, he’s pretty wimpy compared to me-“

Arthur slapped his hand over Alfred’s mouth, “You’re rambling.” He cleared his throat, “I wasn’t sure if I needed help carrying your things so I called Alfred and Ivan to help me out.”

“Ivan?” that name wasn’t familiar to you.

He nodded as Antonio finally came into the room, a large person trailing in behind him carrying a couple of boxes. You all watched Ivan set the boxes down gently near the hallway that led to the bedroom you woke up in this morning, set next to a few of Antonio’s own boxes.

He dusted off his hands and walked over to complete the circle everyone had moved to stand in- there was a small silence until gilbert clapped his hands together, “Soooo, introductions!” He nodded to Alfred and Arthur, “I believe you know these two already, from that last party.”

And you did. Well, only Alfred- his kindness from that day was hard to forget, but Arthur wasn’t ringing a bell. You stared at him for a moment when it clicked together. You had to stifle a laugh at the memory of a drunk Arthur all that time ago. So you simply nodded, not trusting your voice to speak the confirmation.

“And this is Ivan,” He waved towards the tall boy, who seemed much too dressed for this type of weather, a lightly colored scarf wrapped around his neck and a warm smile lighting his face; one that immediately made you think of a huge cuddly teddy bear.

He waved a gloved hand at you, and you couldn’t help but be a bit surprised that he had a Russian accent, “Hello! Is very nice to meet you ___________. I’ve heard a lot from my friends about you.”

You smiled and gave a greeting back, happy to be getting to know more about the trio’s friends. Arthur stated that they couldn’t stay for longer though, that they had just enough time to drop off your things, so they made towards the door to leave.

Before they left, they seemed to remember something and Ivan said, “There is graduation party this weekend at the beach. You should come, da?”

You were hesitant; parties still weren’t really your thing. Yes, last time had been fun, but you had spent most of the time away from the crowd and with the trio.
“We’ll make it!” Agreed Gilbert before you could put in your two cents, flashing Ivan a thumbs-up before he turned to leave.

And that was that.


A day or two went by with you staying over at Antonio’s, giving you enough time to find a job in a little café down the street from the future dorm. And it wasn’t long until you all spent a whole day moving boxes from house to another, and eventually, you all had moved into the dorm.

The next day was spent unpacking and finalizing things. The dorm was fairly large, just as they had mentioned. It was in an apartment style place, one door that led to where they lived. Inside, there was a small hallway that led into a combined living and dining room, that then led to a longer hallway with four doors. Two on both sides- and each took one as their own and started unpacking their things.

You all were exhausted by the end of that, but were glad that you had managed to move in before the weekend party.
Please leave a comment on what you think, how I can improve, etc. I don't even care if you don't like it, I just want to hear from you haha~

Huzzah for a longer chapter!! Ten pages on word. Ten. Pages.
I would say "Wow. I need a hobby." But frankly this is a hobby. What do I say now.
"Wow. I have a hobby."

I was listening to 'Low' by Sleeping with sirens and 'Dance so good' by Wakey Wakey while writing this c:<
Which I don't know if I'd suggest listening to while reading it, they're two completely different genres of songs and wouldn't really go with the story...
But aw heck you should still listen to them. c;

One of my readers on had requested that I explain what happened with readers stuff, while another requested some Russia.
And well.
I tried.

Sorry that I haven't updated in a while,but I beleive I'll be updating more quicker, since I want to start writing more fanfictions and at this rate it'll take me forever haha. ^^;
And I just realized that I can write in class instead of doodling so yeah that speeds up the process ^^:

So please leave me a comment!
And if you're one of my watchers, please do tell me if I should next upload the next part for this, or finish up the Mafia!Romano two shot story?

Feel free to suggest things that you'd like to see in the story, and I'll see if I can add them if it doesn't affect the plot.

More chapters can be found here: [link]

Blah blah I dont own hetalia or you blah blah blah but idk maybe the btt owns you now i mean it's kinda like your mom sold you to them or something i mean srsly
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